Climate Change: Sector Results Profile-continued

April 11, 2012--Overview
Creating climate-resilient and low-carbon development paths has become a development imperative.
The World Bank continues to face unprecedented demand from many countries for support in their efforts to address development and climate change challenges. The World Bank has responded with a broad range of assistance through a combination of financial and other resources.

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Source: World Bank

Global ETP News
Regulatory cost stifles fund boutiques
October 11, 2015--Regulators are pursuing a reform agenda that is damaging the fund management industry, particularly boutique asset managers, by raising costs and stifling innovation, according to a think-tank.
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Chancellor announces London and Lima stock exchange collaboration
October 9, 2015--The Chancellor has today (9 October 2015) announced that the London Stock Exchange Group and the Lima Stock Exchange, Bolsa de Valores de Lima, will work together to enhance liquidity in Peruvian financial markets.
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World Economic and Financial Surveys-Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere
October 9, 2015--Economies in the Western Hemisphere are generally seeing a slowdown in growth. The U.S. economy regained momentum after a slow start at the beginning of the year, while in Latin America and the Caribbean economic activity continues to decelerate at the regional level.
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ADO Properties will replace DO Deutsche Office in SDAX
Extraordinary adjustment to be effective as of 13 October
October 8, 2015--Deutsche Börse AG has announced an extraordinary adjustment in SDAX: ADO Properties S.A. will replace the share of DO Deutsche Office AG.
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China launch of renminbi payments system reflects Swift spying concerns
October 8, 2015--China launched a cross-border renminbi payments system on Thursday, a big step in its drive to boost international use of the Chinese currency and protect itself from US spy agencies with access to the Swift system.
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Nasdaq's SMARTS Launches Trade Surveillance Monitoring for Dark Pools
October 8, 2015-- Nasdaq, the world's leading provider of trade surveillance technology to marketplaces,
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London Stock Exchange sells Russell Investments for $1.2bn
Exchange completes sale to US investment group TA Associates after China deal unravels
October 8, 2015--The London Stock Exchange Group is to sell the asset management arm of the Frank Russell investment firm it bought last year.
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How Fiscal Policy Can Tame the Commodities Roller Coaster
October 7, 2015--Countries that build buffers have a softer landing when commodity prices and revenues go down
Public investment and social spending must be carefully managed to deliver long-lasting benefits
Strong fiscal frameworks and institutions can ensure natural resources support long-term growth
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IMF Survey-Policymakers Face Triad of Challenges to Ensure Financial Stability
October 7, 2015--Financial stability not assured, 3 percent of global output at stake
Risks in emerging markets remain elevated, with global implications
Goal is successful normalization of monetary and financial conditions
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IOSCO continues to reinforce its position as key global reference point for markets regulation
October 7, 2015--The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) met in Toronto this week to reinforce IOSCO's position as the key global reference point for financial services and markets regulation.
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Chinese Yuan Emerges As World's Fourth Most-Used Payments Currency
October 7, 2015--China's yuan has emerged to become the fourth most-used currency in the world for cross-border payments in August, according to a report published by global transaction services organization SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).
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World Undergoing Major Population Shift with Far-reaching Implications for Migration, Poverty, Development: WB/IMF Report
October 7, 2015--As migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East continue to arrive in Europe in unprecedented numbers, a new World Bank/IMF report says that large-scale migration from poor countries to richer regions of the world will be a permanent feature of the global economy for decades to come as a result of major population shifts in countries.
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Unscheduled free float adjustment in SDAX
Changes to be effective as of 9 October
October 6, 2015--Deutsche Börse AG has announced an unscheduled adjustment to the free float of DO Deutsche Office AG in SDAX.
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Uncertainty, Complex Forces Weigh on Global Growth
October 6, 2015--Global growth moderate and uneven, forecast at 3.1 percent this year, 3.6 percent in 2016
Disparate fortunes between the advanced and emerging market and developing economies
Lower commodity prices weigh on commodity exporters
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WGC-Investment statistics-Currencies
October 2, 2015--The World Gold Council-Investment statistics-Currencies is now available.
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Company share listings set to accelerate
October 2, 2015--Volatile stock markets have not deterred German companies from listing their shares this week
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Here's how much money was wiped off global stock markets last quarter
October 1, 2015--It was the worst quarter since 2011.
Global equity markets suffered a bruising third quarter, shedding $11 trillion worth of global shares over three months, according to Bloomberg.
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Report on the regulatory consistency of risk-weighted assets for counterparty credit risk issued by the Basel Committee
October 1, 2015--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has today published a report on the regulatory consistency of risk-weighted assets (RWAs) for counterparty credit risk.
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Eurex: Trading statistics September 2015
Eurex Exchange: ADV 7.5 million contracts, 16 percent growth year-on-year/ISE: ADV 2.4 million contracts
October 1, 2015--In September 2015, the international derivatives markets of Eurex, part of Deutsche Börse Group, recorded an average daily volume of 9.9 million contracts (September 2014: 9.1 million).
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IMF Working paper-Capital Controls or Macroprudential Regulation?
October 1, 2015--Summary: International capital flows can create significant financial instability in emerging economies because of pecuniary externalities associated with exchange rate movements. Does this make it optimal to impose capital controls or should policymakers rely on domestic macroprudential regulation?
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A record number of new ETF/ETP providers have entered the US ETF industry in 2015 according to ETFGI
October 1, 2015--A record number of new ETF/ETP providers have entered the US ETF industry in 2015 according to ETFGI
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IMF Global Financial Stability Report Analytical Chapters-Vulnerabilities, Legacies, and Policy Challenges
September 30, 2015--Chapters 2 and 3 of the October 2015 Global Financial Stability Report respectively examine the determinants and resilience of market liquidity and the growing level of corporate debt in emerging markets.
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WEF-'New Normal' Productivity Spells Uncertainty for Global Economy
September 30, 2015--The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 finds countries need higher productivity to address sluggish global growth and persistent high unemployment
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Traders Flee Emerging Markets at Fastest Pace Since 2008
Investors have sold $40 billion of assets in the third quarter
Biggest outflow since fourth quarter of 2008, IIF data show
September 29, 2015--Investors have pulled $40 billion out of developing economies in the third quarter, fleeing emerging markets at the fastest pace since the height of the global financial crisis.
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IMF-Rise in Emerging Market Corporate Debt Driven by Global Factors
September 29, 2015--Firm borrowing has quadrupled in past decade
Low interest rates, investor search for higher returns play role
Emerging markets must prepare for higher interest rates
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IMF Working Paper-The Impact of Global Liquidity on Financial Landscapes and Risks in the ASEAN-5 Countries
September 29, 2015--Summary: This paper analyzes the transmission of global liquidity to the ASEAN-5 countries (ASEAN-5), including the impact on financial landscapes and risks to financial stability.
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S&P: Turkey among most susceptible to emerging market risks
September 29, 2015--Turkey has been grouped among the countries most vulnerable to the global economic trends facing developing markets in recent years, the rating agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) noted on Tuesday.
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Market Liquidity Not in Decline, but Prone to Evaporate
September 29, 2015--Low interest rates have supported market liquidity
Changes in market structure make liquidity prone to evaporate in case of shocks
Policymakers need to monitor risks, prepare for normalization of monetary policy
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IMF Working paper-Getting the Dog to Bark : Disclosing Fiscal Risks from the Financial Sector
September 28, 2015--Summary: Fiscal reporting is intended to warn of fiscal crises while there is still time to prevent them. The recent crisis thus seems to reveal a failure of fiscal reporting: before the crisis, even reports on fiscal risk typically did not mention banks as a possible source of fiscal problems.
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Global Financial Centres Index 18
September 28, 2015--London has moved ahead of New York to reclaim the number one position. London climbed 12 points in the ratings to lead New York by eight points. The GFCI is on a scale of 1,000 points and we believe that a lead of fewer than 20 points indicates relative parity.
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IMF Survey-Adjusting to Lower Commodity Prices
Commodity Exporters Facing the Difficult Aftermath of the Boom
September 28, 2015--Commodity-exporting economies likely to slow further given weak commodity price outlook
Slowdown reflects in part lower growth in potential output
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IOSCO Research reports on Corporate Bond Markets in Emerging Markets
September 25, 2015--The Research Department of the International Organization of Securities Commissions today published a Staff Working Paper entitled Corporate Bond Markets: An Emerging Market Perspective.
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China Europe eyes November launch date
The new market is backed by Deutsche Boerse and two Chinese exchanges
September 21, 2015--The China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX) will launch in November, initially supporting the cash market, with initial products likely to include exchange-traded-funds and bonds, ahead of futures and derivatives in the second phase.
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IMF-Monetary Policy and Financial Stability
September 21, 2015--Summary:The issue of using monetary policy for financial stability purposes is hotly contested. The crisis was a reminder that price stability is not sufficient for financial stability, financial crises are costly, and policy should aim to decrease the likelihood of crises, not only rely on dealing with their repercussions once they occur.
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Harmonisation of the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI), consultative report issued by CPMI-IOSCO
August 19, 2015--The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) have today published for public comment a consultative report entitled Harmonisation of the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI).
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IOSCO publishes Report on Cross-Border Regulation
September 17, 2015--The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today published the final report of the IOSCO Task Force on Cross-Border Regulation (Task Force).
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WEF-Blended Finance Vol. 1: A Primer for Development
July 15, 2015--This Primer, a product of the ReDesigning Development Finance Initiative (RDFI), aims to clarify the definition of 'Blended Finance', and provide practical insights on how development & philanthropic funders can use Blended Finance to meet their impact objectives and tools to address knowledge and execution gaps.
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IOSCO publishes final report on Sound Practices for Investment Risk Education
September 15, 2015--The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today published its final report on Sound Practices for Investment Risk Education.
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BIS Quarterly Review, September 2015 EME vulnerabilities take centre stage
September 13, 2015--Investors increasingly focused on growing vulnerabilities in emerging market economies (EMEs), particularly China, as they reassessed the global growth outlook.
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