OCC Announces Cleared Contract Volume Declined 10% in March while Securities Lending Volume Rose 18%-continued

April 2, 2012--OCC announced that cleared contract volume reached 379,763,970 contracts in March, representing a 10 percent decrease from the March 2011 volume of 421,466,054 contracts.
OCC ended the first quarter with total volume reaching 1,068,689,268 contracts, exceeding 1 billion contracts in the first quarter for the second time in history.

Options: Exchange-listed options trading volume reached 376,246,042 contracts in March, a 10 percent decrease from March 2011. Average daily options trading volume in March was 17,102,093 contracts, 6 percent lower than the 18,138,634 contracts in March of last year. Year-to-date options trading volume is down 8 percent from 2011 with 1,061,109,209 contracts.

Futures: Futures cleared by OCC reached 3,517,928 contracts in March, down 18 percent from 2011. Equity futures came in at 688,098 contracts this month, up 44 percent from 2011. Index and other futures reached 2,829,735 contracts, down 25 percent from 2011. OCC is averaging 122,259 cleared futures contracts per day in 2012.

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Source: OCC

Global ETP News
IMF-New External Assessments Show Larger Imbalances in 2015
July 27, 2016--External imbalances have widened again after narrowing following the global crisis
A more balanced policy mix is needed, with greater reliance on fiscal and structural policies
Collective policy action will be needed if global demand slows further
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IMF-Sovereign Debt Restructuring and Growth
July 22, 2016--Summary: This paper studies the effect of sovereign debt restructurings with external private creditors on growth during the period 1970-2010.
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IMF Working paper-Sovereign Risk and Deposit Dynamics :Evidence from Europe
July 22, 2016--Summary: The unprecedented expansion of sovereign balance sheets since the global financial crisis has given a new meaning to the term sovereign risk.
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IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecasts on Brexit, Warns of Risks to Outlook
July 19, 2016--Brexit causes "substantial' increase in economic, political, institutional uncertainty

Global forecast for 2017 cut by 0.1 percentage point, to 3.4 percent

If not for Brexit, global forecast would have been slightly higher

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Bond ETF funds attract $124bn this year
July 15, 2016--Yield-hungry investors buoyed by the prospects of further monetary easing have invested $124bn in bond exchange traded funds globally this year.
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BlackRock Addressing Market Liquidity
July 15, 2016--Post-Crisis, the fixed income markets have adapted to changes due at least in part to regulatory reforms intended to enhance the safety and soundness of the global financial system.
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IEA releases Oil Market Report for July
July 13, 2016--Record pumping rates in the Middle East and recovering flows in Nigeria consolidate OPEC market share
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Infographic-The Volatile History of Crude Oil Markets
July 13, 2016--Crude oil is the world's most actively traded commodity, and oil-related trades are a staple for traders, hedgers, investors around the globe.
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ETF flows down by 20% as investors flee equities
July 12, 2016--Inflows to equity ETFs fell by 85% year-on-year in the first half, as investors shunned risk assets in favour of fixed income securities during a year of political and economic turmoil.
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IMF Working paper-The Dynamics of Sovereign Debt Crises and Bailouts
July 12, 2016--Summary: Motivated by the recent European debt crisis, this paper investigates the scope for a bailout guarantee in a sovereign debt crisis.
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Infographic-Then and Now: Key Bitcoin Stats and Figures
July 11, 2016--On the weekend, the Bitcoin ecosystem reached an extremely important milestone.
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Global ETF assets under management set to exceed $7 trillion by 2021
July 11, 2016--PwC expects accelerated growth in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) over the next five years, with global assets under management (AUM), expected to exceed $7 trillion by 2021.
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World faces deflation shock as China devalues yuan at accelerating pace
July 8, 2016--China has abandoned a solemn pledge to keep its exchange rate stable and is carrying out a systematic devaluation of the yuan, sending a powerful deflationary impulse through a global economy already caught in a 1930s trap.
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Infographic-The Epic Collapse of Deutsche Bank
July 8, 2016--A timeline showing the fall of one of Europe's most iconic financial institutions
It's been almost 10 years in the making, but the fate of one of Europe's most important financial institutions appears to be sealed.
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Lower oil prices are driving down investment and energy efficiency as Middle East producers gain market share, IEA says
July 7, 2016--Following up on World Energy Outlook 2015, which examined the potential impact of a prolonged period of lower oil prices on energy markets, an updated analysis from the International Energy Agency has confirmed that the current oil price environment has had a negative impact on oil investments, hurt energy efficiency and boosted the share of oil produced in the Middle East.
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Nasdaq is Global Leader for New Listings in First Half of 2016
Welcomes record total of U.S. listing exchange transfers
Extends track record as leading U.S. exchange for total IPOs to 10 consecutive quarters
July 7, 2016--Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ) announced today that it welcomed a combined 176 new listings-including 68 initial public offerings (IPOs)-in the first half of 2016 to its U.S. and Nordic exchanges, maintaining its position as the leading global exchange venue.
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Infographic-The Industrial Internet of Things as the Next Big Growth Driver?
July 7, 2016--The Internet of Things (IoT) is often marketed as a consumer-based technology phenomenon that will combine the potential of low-cost sensors and big data with wide-scale internet connectivity.
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Seven Countries Emerging as Frontrunners in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
July 7, 2016--The World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report 2016 finds seven countries are excelling when it comes to economically benefiting from investments in information and communications technologies
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"There is no listed infrastructure asset class" New EDHECinfra study finds no diversification benefits from 22 different proxies of listed infrastructure equity
July 5, 2016-EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) has released a new paper entitled "Searching for a Listed Infrastructure Asset Class" establishing that listed infrastructure securities cannot be considered a unique asset class.
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Deutsche Borse to divest Market News International
July 5, 2016--Deutsche Börse AG and Hale Global have entered into an agreement regarding the sale of Market News International, Inc. (MNI), a leading provider of macroeconomic and markets intelligence for global fixed income and foreign exchange market professionals.
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IMF Working paper-U.S. Dollar Dynamics: How Important Are Policy Divergence and FX Risk Premiums?
July 5, 2016--Summary: We investigate the drivers of dynamics of major U.S. FX bilaterals. We first construct a novel measure of FX risk premiums using Consensus exchange rate forecasts. We then use VAR analysis to show that (i) risk premium shocks play a key role in driving dynamics of the major U.S. FX bilaterals; (ii) longer-term interest differentials also matter, especially for the Canadian $ and the Euro; (iii) oil price shocks play a particularly important role for the Canadian $ (an oil exporter); and (iv) risk appetite shocks (e.g., VIX shocks) generally lead to U.S. dollar appreciation.
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Vanguard Attracts Record New Money as Investors Flock to Passive
July 5, 2016--Firm got $148 billion in inflows in first six months of 2016
Some rival managers struggle in competition for client cash
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ETF Securities Weekly Flows Analysis-Brexit not as bad as expected outside of UK
July 4, 2016--Inflows into gold ETPs of US$263mn on Friday 1st July were at their highest since inception, Brexit has also driven large inflows into other safe haven assets such as silver and Swiss Franc.
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Macroprudential policy assessments-report released by the Committee on the Global Financial System
July 4, 2016--Central banks should take a holistic approach to assessing the value of policies aimed at safeguarding financial stability, the CGFS says in a report published today.
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The 500 Tons of Gold That Show Global Rise in Investor Angst
July 4, 2016--Bullion holdings in ETFs extend surge after U.K.'s Brexit vote
Prices have rallied 27% this year with Fed seen holding rates
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Bitcoin Transactions Values To Triple this Year-Reaching Over USD92Bn, As Brexit And Possible Trump Presidency Fuel Price Spikes
Exchanges Drive Growth As Retail Interest Wanes
July 4, 2016--A new study from Juniper Research has found that the total value of Bitcoin transactions is expected to exceed $92 billion this year, up from less than $27 billion in 2015.
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Commodities: Silver Skyrockets Post-Brexit, Energy is Back!
July 1, 2016--Commodities are back!
While commodity performance in Q1 was promising, it was mainly precious metals and zinc that buoyed everything else.
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Infographic-The Decline of Coal in Three Charts
July 1, 2016--How coal went from hero to zero in just five short years.
There was a time in the not so distant past that coal was the unquestioned all-star of the energy mix.
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Completion of divestiture of International Securities Exchange Holdings
June 30, 2016--Deutsche Börse AG completed the sale of ISE to Nasdaq today. Nasdaq, Inc., acquired the International Securities Exchange Holdings, Inc., operator of three US equity options exchanges, and ISE's holding company, U.S. Exchange Holdings, Inc., for a total cash consideration of 1.1 billion US$ from Deutsche Börse AG.
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Asean--5 Cluster Report : Evolution of Monetary Policy Frameworks
This thematic cluster report examines the evolution of monetary policy frameworks of the ASEAN5 economies, with particular focus on changes since the Asian financial crisis (AFC) and the more recent period of unconventional monetary policies (UMPs) in advanced economies (AEs).
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Asian investors still backing London as key hub
June 30, 2016--London remains the first-choice portal for asset managers from Asia looking to tap the European market, but some suggest the city may see its dominance of the region's financial services industry eroded following Britain's vote last week to leave the European Union.
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World Economic Forum Report-Enabling Trade
June 30, 2016--Trade and foreign direct investment are critical for world economies and the wealth of nations. Both are linked,and economic success depends more than ever on the attractiveness and competitiveness of markets, including the availability and ease of moving goods, talent and services across borders.
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