IMF Paper-Managing Volatility in Low-Income Countries - The Role and Potential for Contingent Financial Instruments -continued

March 19, 2012--Summary:The paper examines the case for contingent financial instruments for low-income countries (LICs), from both the market and official sector. These include commodity price hedging instruments, contingent debt instruments (commodity-linked bonds, deferred repayment loans), and natural disaster insurance, for example.
The paper considers the adequacy of the existing framework of ex post and ex ante support to LICs facing exogenous shocks, and examines the need for and possible constraints to greater availability of contingent instruments. Would there be a role for the international community, particularly the IMF and World Bank, in helping to address the constraints that limit development and use of these instruments?

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Source: IMF

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Asset managers fight 'financial threat' label
April 13, 2014--Big asset managers are fighting hard against being labelled potential threats to the stability of the financial markets. They have urged regulators to focus on heavily indebted institutions instead.
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Big asset managers eye new trading venue
April 11, 2014--Several of the world's largest asset managers are discussing the creation of a joint equity trading venue, in an attempt to end the technological arms race sparked by high-frequency trading firms.
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ETF Securities expands into the Index Business
ETFS Indices LLC Unveils Four Composite Strategy Indices
April 10, 2014--The ETF Securities Group today announced the launch of ETF Securities' Index unit, ETFS Indices LLC. Led by Dan Raab, Head of Indices and Managed Futures, ETFS Indices will design and publish new futures-based indices.
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Infographic: Shared Prosperity in Emerging Europe and Central Asia
April 10, 2014--The first decade of the new millennium saw sustained growth of the incomes of the bottom 40% in Emerging Europe and Central Asia, above average GDP growth.
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Capital standard for bank exposures to central counterparties finalised by the Basel Committee
April 10, 2014--The Basel Committee has today published a final standard for calculating regulatory capital for banks' exposures to central counterparties (CCPs).
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UBS inks Bloomberg index pact
April 9, 2014--UBS is shifting the management of its commodity indices to data giant Bloomberg, the latest example that large investment banks are reassessing their involvement in an area that has suffered a string of reputational blows.
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BNY Mellon rejects call to split off asset management arm
April 8, 2014--Bank of New York Mellon faced down shareholder angst over costs, profitability and executive pay at its annual meeting, with Gerald Hassell, its chairman and chief executive, rejecting calls to spin off the company's asset management business
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US warns China over currency depreciation
April 8, 2014--The United States warned Beijing on Monday that the recent depreciation of the Chinese currency could raise "serious concerns" if it signaled a policy shift away from allowing market-determined exchange rates.
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STOXX updates rules on country classification
April 7, 2014--STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today announced an update of its country classification rules. The announcement follows a meeting of the STOXX Advisory Board. The updated rulebook is introduced with immediate effect.
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UBS sees spike in ETN interest
April 7, 2014--UBS has seen its exchange-traded note program assets more than triple in less than 18 months. The program had approximately USD1 billion at the end of 2012 and now has USD3 billion.
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Emerging Markets Can Manage Evolving Mix of Global Investors
Composition of global investors in emerging market stocks, bonds has been changing over the past 15 years
This new mix has made capital flows more sensitive to global financial shocks
Policies to deepen emerging market financial systems can help manage risks
March 31, 2014--The mix of investors in emerging markets stocks and bonds has evolved considerably over the past 15 years, which has made capital flows and asset prices in these countries more sensitive to events outside their own borders, according to new research from the International Monetary Fund.
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OTC Derivatives Regulators Issue Report to the G20
March 31, 2014--The Over-the-Counter (OTC) Derivatives Regulators Group (ODRG), which is made up of authorities with responsibility for the regulation of OTC derivatives markets in Australia, Brazil, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, Ontario, Quebec, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States, issued a report today that identifies the current list of remaining cross-border implementation issues related to global reform of OTC derivatives markets.
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BNY Mellon Automates Calculation of Collateral Requirements in ETF Marketplace
Designed to Lead to More Efficient, Reliable Market
March 27, 2014--BNY Mellon, a global leader in investment management and investment services, has automated the calculation of collateral requirements in the exchange-traded funds (ETF) marketplace.
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Standard Life Investments buys fund manager Ignis for 390m pounds
March 26, 2014--Standard Life Investments, the Edinburgh-based pensions and insurance firm, has bought Ignis Asset Management from life assurer Phoenix Group.
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Advisers turn to ETFs to drive down costs
March 25, 2014--Some financial advisers are using exchange traded funds (ETFs) heavily in client portfolios, drawn to the low-cost structure, intraday trading and tax benefits.
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Matteo Andreetto joins STOXX Limited as Global Head Of Sales
March 20, 2014--STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today announced that Matteo Andreetto has joined the company as global head of sales, effective immediately.
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Gold mining ETF outshines SPDR Gold Trust as haven bet
The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF rose 25% this year, more than double the 12% advance for the SPDR Gold Trust, the biggest gold ETF.
March 19, 2014--Investors seeking a hedge against a waning U.S. economic recovery and escalating conflict in Ukraine made twice as much money buying gold-mining shares rather than the metal the companies produce.
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STOXX introduces STOXX Japan Strong Balance Sheet Indices
March 19, 2014--STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today introduced the STOXX Japan Strong Balance Sheet Indices, which select stocks according to their Altman Z-Score, a quantitative measure for the financial and fundamental health of a company. The new indices are designed to act as an underlying for exchange-traded products (ETPs) and other investable products, as well as benchmarks for actively managed funds.
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Urgent action needed to tackle rising inequality and social divisions, says OECD
March 18, 2014--Income inequality and social divisions could worsen and become entrenched unless governments act quickly to boost support for the most vulnerable in society, according to a new OECD report.
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ETF Securities-Precious Metals Weekly-Does Gold/Copper Ratio Point to Market Correction Ahead?
March 17, 2014--Gold rallies and equities fall as Russia-Ukraine crisis intensifies. Sentiment towards the gold price continued to improve last week with the gold price rallying 3.7%, for a year-to-date gain of 15.1%, significantly outperforming global equities.
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