NYSE Euronext Announces Trading Volumes for February 2012 -continued

Global Derivatives ADV Down 21% Year-over-Year
European Cash ADV Down 9%; U.S. Cash ADV Down 21%
March 9, 2012--NYSE Euronext (NYX) today announced trading volumes for its global derivatives and cash equities exchanges for February 2012[1]. Trading volumes declined year-over-year and month-over-month across most venues.
Global derivatives average daily volume ("ADV") of 7.0 million contracts in February 2012 decreased 21.4% versus the prior year, with European Derivatives declining 35.7% and U.S. equity options decreasing 9.2%. European cash trading ADV decreased 8.7% year-over-year, but increased 7.1% from January 2012 levels. U.S. cash trading ADV decreased 21.0% from February 2011 levels.

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Source: NYSE Euronext

Global ETP News
ETF Securities Weekly Flows Analysis-Global political upheaval offers a silver lining to ETP flows
March 19, 2018--Silver ETPs attracted the lion's share of inflows.
Inflows into global equity ETPs led by robotics rose to their highest level in 8 weeks.
Safe haven currency seekers drove inflows into long yen ETPs to its highest level on record.
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IMF Working Papers-Leverage-A Broader View
March 19, 2018--Summary:
Traditional measures of leverage in the financial system tend to reflect bank balance sheet data. The paper argues that these traditional, bank-centric measures should be augmented by considering pledged collateral in the financial system since pledged collateral provides a measure of an important part of nonbank funding to banks.
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Goldman Sachs reveals gender pay gap
March 16, 2018--Goldman Sachs has reported a median UK gender pay gap at its international business of 36.4% for hourly pay and a median bonus gap of 67.7%.
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DECPG Global Weekly
March 16, 2018--Taking Stock
U.S. consumer price inflation rose in February; retail sales weakened; industrial production rebounded. The U.S. headline consumer price index (CPI) rose 2.2 percent (y/y) in February, up from 2.1 percent in January, reflecting a slight increase in energy prices.
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Fund Investors and APs Are Net Redeemers of Equity Funds and ETFs for February
March 16, 2018--For the eleventh month in 12 stock & mixed-asset mutual funds witnessed net outflows, handing back $12.8 billion for February, and for the first month in 14 fund investors were net sellers of fixed income mutual funds, withdrawing $1.3 billion from the macro-group.
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OPEC admits United States shale may crash oil price
March 15, 2018--The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has admitted for the first time that the growing crude oil output from the United States (U.S.) may threaten the price of crude oil despite efforts to rebalance the market.
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FSB launches survey on infrastructure financing as part of its efforts to evaluate the impact of G20 regulatory reforms
March 15, 2018--The Financial Stability Board (FSB) launches a voluntary survey on the trends, drivers, and potential effects of regulatory reforms on infrastructure financing, and invites relevant institutions to participate.
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Google bans cryptocurrency advertising, bitcoin price slumps
March 14, 2018--Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google said on Wednesday it was banning advertisements for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, the latest internet company to clamp down on the sector amid growing concerns about scams.
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BlackRock Global ETP Landscape Industry Highlights-February 2018
March 14, 2018--Summary
BlackRock ETP Research
Global ETP flows resilient in February despite outflows for U.S. equities
Global ETP inflows slowed to $6.8bn in February amid a continued rise in U.S. interest rates and a correction for the S&P 500
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OPEC-Monthly Oil Market Report-February 2018
March 14, 2018--Oil Market Highlights
Crude Oil Price Movements
In February, the ORB dropped 5% m-o-m, lower for the first time in six months, to average $63.48/b, but remains above levels seen in more than two years.
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IMF Working Papers-The Long-Run Decoupling of Emissions and Output: Evidence from the Largest Emitters
March 14, 2018--Summary:
For the world's 20 largest emitters, we use a simple trend/cycle decomposition to provide evidence of decoupling between greenhouse gas emissions and output in richer nations, particularly in European countries, but not yet in emerging markets.
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WEF-Global Energy Transition Must Accelerate to Thwart Climate Change
March 14, 2018--The World Economic Forum launched today the Fostering Effective Energy Transition report, which ranks 114 countries on how well they are able to balance energy security and access with environmental sustainability and affordability.
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6 out of 10 people would consider cryptocurrency investment
March 13, 2018--Six out of 10 people with currently no exposure to cryptocurrencies would consider including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into their investment portfolios, reveals a new global poll.
Meanwhile, seven out of 10 people who do hold cryptocurrencies are planning to increase their exposure in the next 12 months.
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ThinkMarkets launches multiple assets blockchain-based exchange
March 13, 2018--The ThinkMarkets Group, will launch in April what looks to be potentially a market disruptive multi-asset blockchain-based exchange. TradeConnect will allow investors to trade a wide range of financial products such as FX, commodities, precious metals, equities and cryptocurrencies, says the group.
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Addressing the Dark Side of the Crypto World
March 13, 2018--Whether Bitcoin's value goes up or Bitcoin's value goes down, people around the world are asking the same question: What exactly is the potential of crypto-assets?
The technology behind these assets-including blockchain-is an exciting advancement that could help revolutionize fields beyond finance.
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IMF Working Papers-The Distribution of Gains from Globalization
March 13, 2018--Summary:
We study economic globalization as a multidimensional process and investigate its effect on incomes. In a panel of 147 countries during 1970-2014, we apply a new instrumental variable, exploiting globalization's geographically diffusive character, and find differential gains from globalization both across and within countries:
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BIS Central bank digital currencies
March 12, 2018-- Central banks must carefully weigh the implications for financial stability and monetary policy of issuing digital currencies, according to a report from the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) and the Markets Committee.
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Volatility drives first ETF outflows in two years
March 12, 2018--The blast of volatility that shook Wall Street in February drove investors to pull money from exchange traded funds that track US equities for the first time in two years.
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IMF Working Papers-Growth Accelerations and Reversals in Emerging Market and Developing Economies: The Role of External Conditions
March 12, 2018--Summary:
This paper investigates how country-specific external demand, external financial conditions, and terms of trade affect medium-term growth in Emerging Market and Developing Economies and the occurrence of growth accelerations and reversals.
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IOSCO seeks to protect senior investors from financial fraud, unsuitable investments and other risks
March 12, 2018--The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions has published today a report that examines the growing vulnerability of ageing investors to financial fraud and other risks and identifies sound practices for enhancing their protection.
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ETF Securities Weekly Flows Analysis Investors appear to shrug off trade-war risk for now
March 12, 2018--Inflows into industrial metal baskets of US$9mn highlights cyclical optimism as investors appear to shrug off threats of a trade-war.
Gold ETPs attracted USD14.5mn, marking the first substantial inflow in six weeks.
Cocoa rally sparks profit taking.
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March 2018 BIS Quarterly Review: Volatility returns to centre stage after stock market wobble
March 11, 2018--Volatility returned to markets in February, puncturing a long period of unusual calm and highlighting the tricky task central banks face in normalising accommodative monetary policies.
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Watchdogs tighten their grip on cryptocurrency exchanges
March 10, 2018--Japan and US regulators send tougher message to the industry
Financial watchdogs tightened their hold on the nascent cryptocurrency industry this week, in the latest sign that regulators are moving to restrain a freewheeling market that has drawn in retail investors.
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ETF Securities Investment Insights Platinum Outlook-Shining Through Diesel Drama
March 9, 2018--Summary
Leadership change sparked positive shift in economic outlook for South Africa, the largest platinum producer, and the Rand.
Millennials may remain key for platinum jewelry growth.
Platinum prices may average $1040/ounce (oz) this year.
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DECPG Global Weekly
March 9, 2018--Taking Stock
U.S. nonfarm payrolls surged in February, trade deficit rose to a near-decade high in January. Monthly nonfarm payrolls gains accelerated to 313,000 in February from an upwardly revised 239,000 in January.
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ETFGI reports ETFs and ETPs listed globally gathered net inflows of US$12.38 billion in February 2018, the lowest amount since May 2016
March 9, 2018--ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm on trends in the global ETF/ETP ecosystem, reported today that ETFs and ETPs listed globally gathered US$12.38 Bn in net inflows, the lowest monthly amount since May 2016 when net inflows were US$10.53 Bn. YTD 2018 net inflows are at US$118.13 Bn. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)
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Bitcoin sinks down below $9,000 in cryptocurrency swoon
March 9, 2018--It has not been a very good few days for 'HODL'ers'-the bitcoin lovers who buy and keep the digital forex through market ructions.
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Is There a Phillips Curve? A Full Information Partial Equilibrium Approach
March 9, 2018--Summary:
Empirical tests of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve have provided results often inconsistent with microeconomic evidence. To overcome the pitfalls of standard estimations on aggregate data, a Full Information Partial Equilibrium approach is developed to exploit sectoral level data.
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US and China seen as leaders in AI innovation, but emerging players gaining ground according to EY poll
March 8, 2018--Corporate board diversity will be key for companies' long-term success
EY announces global innovation garage to meet demand for disruptive technologies
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The coming wave of fund liquidity risk regulation-MSCI
March 7, 2018--Asset managers globally can no longer ignore fund liquidity risk management. Fund liquidity regulation is arriving in all jurisdictions. Despite all challenges to define, observe, model, measure and therefore regulate liquidity risk, it has long been clear this day would come, given the crucial role of liquidity risk in the investment process of open-ended funds.1
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Welfare Versus GDP: What Makes People Better Off
March 7, 2018--For years, economists have worked to develop a way of measuring general well-being and comparing it across countries. The main metric has been differences in income or gross domestic product per person. But economists have long known that GDP is an imperfect measure of well-being, counting just the value of goods and services bought and sold in markets.
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BetaShares-Global Market Outlook: Volatility is back!
March 7, 2018--Global equities pulled back in February, with the MSCI All-Country Index dropping 3.5%, largely due to concerns over rising inflation and bond yields in the US, following a higher than expected US wage gain reported for January.
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IOSCO consults on recommendations to help trading venues manage extreme volatility
March 7, 2018--The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is seeking feedback on its proposed recommendations to assist trading venues and regulatory authorities in the implementation of mechanisms to manage extreme volatility.
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LIMEYARD partners with the Vienna Stock Exchange to add real-time index calculation and data dissemination to its proprietary and non-proprietary index offering
LIMEYARD partners with the Vienna Stock Exchange to add real-time index calculation and data dissemination to its proprietary and non-proprietary index offering
LIMEYARD is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse AG) aimed at strengthening its index offering globally by providing real-time index calculation and data dissemination.
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McKay Brothers Receives Minority Investment from Jane Street Group
March 6, 2018--McKay Brothers, a market leader in low latency networks, today announces a minority investment from Jane Street Group, LLC that will support the continued growth of McKay's successful private bandwidth and market data businesses.
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A new way to measure growth and development: The Inclusive Development Index
March 6, 2018--Recent political developments in many countries suggest that most of their citizens lack confidence in the assumption of the standard growth model that everyone in a society benefits from GDP growth. This column proposes a multidimensional 'Inclusive Development Index', based on a dashboard of indicators in growth and development, inclusion, and intergenerational equity and sustainability.
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World Gold Council-Gold-backed ETFs lost 5.1t in February
March 6, 2018--Gold-backed ETFs collectively held 2,393.4t (US$101.4bn) at the end of February after losing 5.1t (US$146mn) during the month.
Regional fund flows
Asian-listed funds added 7.9t (US$317mn, 8.3% AUM)
European funds lost 7.3t (US$240.6mn, 57bp AUM).
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World Economic Forum Convenes New Consortium to Address Fintech Cybersecurity
March 6, 2018--The World Economic Forum today announced the creation of a new consortium to strengthen cybersecurity for financial technology companies (fintechs) and data aggregators. The consortium's founding members include global bank Citigroup, insurance company Zurich Insurance Group, fintech lender Kabbage, information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and financial infrastructure provider The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).
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Polish confirms bid for Tel Aviv stock exchange
March 6, 2018-- Poland's state-run stock exchange GPW (GPW.WA), along with state fund PFR, has submitted a non-binding offer to buy a 71.7-percent stake in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE, GPW said on Tuesday.
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Cryptocurrencies Could Threaten Financial Stability, Says Head of BIS
March 6, 2018--Official from Bank for International Settlements calls on central banks to intervene to stem risks
Central banks must be prepared to intervene to stem risks from digital currencies, as Bitcoin has become a "combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster," central banking official Agustin Carstens said Tuesday.
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IMF Working Papers-How Well Do Economists Forecast Recessions?
March 5, 2018--Summary:
We describe the evolution of forecasts in the run-up to recessions. The GDP forecasts cover 63 countries for the years 1992 to 2014. The main finding is that, while forecasters are generally aware that recession years will be different from other years, they miss the magnitude of the recession by a wide margin until the year is almost over.
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FSB publishes Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2017
March 5, 2018--The Financial Stability Board (FSB) today published the Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2017. The Report presents the results of the FSB's seventh annual monitoring exercise to assess global trends and risks from shadow banking activities.
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Record oil output from US, Brazil, Canada and Norway to keep global markets well supplied
March 5, 2018--Oil production growth from the United States, Brazil, Canada and Norway can keep the world well supplied, more than meeting global oil demand growth through 2020, but more investment will be needed to boost output after that, according to the International Energy Agency's latest annual report on oil markets.
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ETF Securities-Precious Metals Monitor-- February 2018
March 5, 2018--Key Highlights
Volatility, Inflation, and Tariffs...Oh My!
February may be the shortest month, but it was packed with several market drivers. The return of volatility caught many investors off guard at the onset of the month. Sparked by concerns around rising inflation, US 10-year yields neared 3.0% while the S&P 500 saw a 10% drawdown with the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility (VIX) Index hitting its highest level since August 2015.
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Too-clever ETFs are a car crash waiting to happen
March 5, 2018--At what point does innovation become dangerous?
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Women in ETFs and Five Partner Organizations Ring the Bell for Gender Equality at 59 Stock Exchanges Globally
March 2, 2018--For the 4th year, a global collaboration across 59 stock exchanges around the world plan to "Ring the Bell for Gender Equality," to celebrate International Women's Day 2018 (March 8th).
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Libor's Climb Past 2% is Unnerving Some Investors
March 2, 2018--A benchmark used to set borrowing costs on trillions of dollars worth of loans is on the rise, stirring concerns about the effect of higher U.S. interest rates on consumers and businesses.
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Volatility Makes a Comeback: February Market Review
March 2, 2018--Volatility returned to markets in February, whiplashing investors accustomed to a long stretch of solid and stable returns, and causing the worst monthly performance in two years for global equities.
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Index providers: benchmark larks
March 2, 2018--High profit margins have not invited more competition
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The World Federation of Exchanges & McKinsey joint report on fintech in capital markets infrastructure industry reveals likely future innovations & opportunities
March 1, 2018--The World Federation of Exchanges ("The WFE"), the global industry group for exchanges and CCPs, today published a joint report with global management consultancy McKinsey & Company's Banking & Securities Practice ("McKinsey"), on the fintech landscape in the Capital Markets Infrastructure (CMI) industry.
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100 Most Overpaid CEOs Report Shows Fund Managers Reluctant to Vote Against Exorbitant CEO Pay Packages
March 1, 2018--Today's release of The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs: Are Fund Managers Asleep at the Wheel? from shareholder advocacy group As You Sow revealed that the largest fund managers displayed a strong reluctance to vote against exorbitant executive compensation packages.
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Ethereum's smart contracts are full of holes
March 1, 2018--Blockchain-powered computer programs promise to revolutionize the digital economy, but new research suggests they're far from secure.
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TrackInsight-Winter 2018 ETF ratings now available!
February 27, 2018--February 27, 2018--1,900+ North America & Europe domiciled ETFs now rated on their replication quality
TrackInsight (www.trackinsight.com), the independent global ETF data & analytics platform, is delighted to announce the release of 2018 Summer ETF ratings.
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World Gold Council-Annual review 2017
February 27, 2018--The strong gold price performance was a positive for investors and producers, and was symptomatic of a more profound shift in sentiment: a growing recognition of gold's role as a wealth preservation and risk mitigation tool. This goes to the heart of our strategy to make gold a mainstream asset.
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ETFGI reports assets invested in leveraged and inverse ETFs and ETPs listed globally reach record high of US$87.3 billion at the end of January 2018
February 27, 2018--According to ETFGI's January 2018 Leverage and Inverse ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in leveraged and inverse ETFs and ETPs listed globally reached a record high of US$87.3 billion at the end of January 2018, shattering the previous record of US$80.7 billion set at the end of 2017.
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ETF Securities Investment Insights-Dollar Dynamics May Favor Commodities
February 27, 2018--Summary
Dollar has entered a structural bear market reflecting concerns around US fiscal deficit and rising inflation.
Negative dollar view may spell good news for commodities which historically perform well during dollar drawdowns.
Energy sector's negative correlation to US Dollar returns.
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The Basel Committee consults on revisions to the Pillar 3 disclosure framework
February 27, 2018--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has today issued for consultation Pillar 3 disclosure requirements-updated framework.
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This Big Cryptocurrency Acquisition Could Create a Wall Street-Style Financial Giant
February 26, 2018--Circle, a cryptocurrency-focused financial-services firm, will announce today that it is buying crypto exchange Poloniex-a move that immediately makes Circle one of the largest and most influential companies in the industry.
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ETF Securities Weekly Flows Analysis-Robotic ETFs continue to see inflows
February 26, 2018--US$15mn into robotic themed equity ETFs.
Industrial metals-buying on price dips.
Arabica coffee ETPs attract US$6.8mn-the highest since October 2017-as investors bargain-hunt.
Crude oil ETPs resume outflows.
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ETF Securities-Commodity Monthly Monitor -Commodities buck cyclical shakedown
February 26, 2018--While the S&P500, cryptocurrencies and bond prices fell last month, commodities posted gains. The S&P500 volatility index is now back to its normal territory after a protracted period of being subdued. Cyclical commodities like industrial metals however, continue to trade higher on firm fundamentals.
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Cybersecurity, cyber-risk and financial sector regulation and supervision
February 24, 2018--The threat and impact of cyberattacks on the financial sector is increasing, and financial sector authorities are increasingly looking to address cyber risk and cybersecurity.
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DECPG Global Weekly
February 23, 2018--TAKING STOCK
U.S. services and manufacturing PMIs increased; existing home sales contracted
Euro Area consumer confidence and composite PMI dropped from multi-year highs; core inflation increased
Japan's trade deficit declined amid stronger exports; inflation rose to a 3-year high
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ETFGI reports assets invested in Smart Beta ETFs and ETPs listed globally reach record high of US$696 billion at the end of January 2018
February 23, 2018--According to ETFGI's January 2018 Smart Beta ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in Smart Beta ETFs and ETPs listed globally reached a record high of US$696 billion at the end of January 2018, shattering the previous record of US$658 billion set at the end of 2017.
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Blockchain could save asset managers $2.7bn a year
February 22, 2018-- Blockchain could save asset managers $2.7bn a year if the investment industry shunned the laborious manual practices involved in buying and selling funds in favour of using online ledger technology, according to research published on Thursday.
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DECPG Global Monthly- February 2018
February 22, 2018--Monthly Highlights
The cyclical recovery in global manufacturing continued at the start of 2018, providing ongoing support to global trade growth.
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ETFGI reports assets invested in actively managed ETFs and ETPs listed globally reach record high of US$79.3 billion at the end of January 2018
February 22, 2018--According to ETFGI's January 2018 Active ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in actively-managed ETFs and ETPs listed globally reached a record high of US$79.3 billion at the end of January 2018, shattering the previous record of US$75.2 billion set at the end of 2017. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)
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World Gold Council-Investment Update: Market selloff bolsters case for gold
February 21, 2018--On February 5th, stock markets suffered one of their more precipitous falls in recent years. The gold price rose but, as stocks partly retraced their losses, gold trended lower.
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First Bridge Data-'ETF 20/20': Exchange Traded Fund Monthly Report-February 2018
February 21, 2017--Our monthly 'ETF 20/20' report briefly summarizes recent Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) trends globally. It uses data from the First Bridge ETF database that includes all global ETPs.
Global ETF assets grew to $5.188T as of January 31, 2018.
The spikes in spot VIX and VIX futures in February resulted in dramatic declines in the value of two ETPs that provide inverse exposure to VIX futures. Credit Suisse announced the closure of its Exchange Traded Note "XIV".
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Jane Street SI Joins QuantHouse API Ecosystem
February 21, 2018--Jane Street's systematic internalizer is now available to QuantHouse's API clients.
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IOSCO consults on guidance to address conflicts of interest in the equity capital raising process
February 21, 2018--The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today is proposing guidance to help its members address conflicts of interest and associated misconduct risks that may arise during the equity capital raising process.
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Russell Investments unveils more meaningful ESG scoring
February 20, 2018--Cutting-edge research identifies financially material ESG factors for investors
Initial research suggests the new metric could guide investment decisions
Global asset manager Russell Investments has created another research breakthrough in ESG (environmental, social & governance) investing with a material ESG score, which more accurately identifies ESG factors that could impact the financial performance of publicly-traded companies.
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The Eurekahedge Report-February 2018
February 20, 2018--This month, The Eurekahedge Report provides an overview on the US$95 billion Islamic funds industry and the US$321 billion UCITS hedge fund industry along with its corresponding infographic summary.
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Deutsche Bank to Cut at Least 250 Banker Jobs
February 19, 2018--Reductions are said to continue, could rise to more than 500
CFO has urged more cost discipline after target was abandoned.
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Global dividends hit record $1.3tn in 2017
February 19, 2018--Global dividends reached record levels in 2017, bolstered by strong global economic growth and a revival in US payouts as business confidence returned following political uncertainty in 2016.
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ETF Securities Weekly Flows Analysis-Profit-taking leads to outflows in Gold ETPs
February 19, 2018--Agricultural basket ETPs received the largest inflows since inception.
Inflows into industrial metal basket ETPs rebound, reversing the prior week's trend of outflows.
Gold ETPs suffer US$103.5mn redemptions on the back of profit-taking.
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Sound Practices: implications of fintech developments for banks and supervisors issued by the Basel Committee
February 19, 2018--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision today published its Sound Practices on the implications of fintech developments for banks and bank supervisors.
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US CFTC and UK FCA Sign Arrangement to Collaborate on FinTech Innovation
February 19, 2018--The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have today signed an arrangement that commits the regulators to collaborating and supporting innovative firms through each other's financial technology (FinTech) initiatives-LabCFTC and FCA Innovate.
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BlackRock bulks up research into artificial intelligence
February 19, 2018--BlackRock is setting up a new centre dedicated to research in artificial intelligence, underscoring the heightened interest among asset managers in how machine learning can revolutionise many facets of the investment industry. The world's biggest investment group, with $6.3tn of assets under...
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