NYSE Liffe U.S. Launches Options on Mini Gold and Mini Silver Futures Contracts-continued

Expands futures product line
Adds depth and liquidity to precious metals market
Enhances client risk management capabilities
February 27, 2012--NYSE Liffe U.S., the U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext (NYX), announced that it successfully launched options on its mini-sized gold and mini-sized silver futures contracts.
These new options contracts are designed to meet growing customer demand to trade and invest in the precious metals market.

The options on NYSE Liffe U.S. 33.2 oz. mini gold and 1,000 oz. mini silver futures contracts provide traders flexibility by offering multiple trading strategies, enhanced risk management capabilities and added depth and liquidity to the underlying mini gold and mini silver futures market.

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Source: NYSE Euronext

Global ETP News
IMF Working Paper-Long-Run Biological Interest Rate for Pay-As-You-Go Pensions in Advanced and Developing Countries
April 26, 2017--How much of an internal rate of return would a sustainable pay-as-you-go pension system offer current and future generations equally? The answer is the sum of the Long-Run Biological Interest Rates (LBIR), the real-world equivalent of Samuelson's (1958) biological interest rate, and future productivity growth. Reflecting global population ageing, the median LBIR across 172 countries is as low as 1 percent per year.
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Industrial Commodity Prices to Rise in 2017: World Bank
April 26, 2017--Oil prices to average $55 per barrel in 2017, rise next year
The World Bank is forecasting higher prices for industrial commodities, principally energy and metals, in 2017 and next year.
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Twelfth progress report on adoption of Basel III standards published by the Basel Committee
April 25, 2017--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has today issued the Twelfth progress report on adoption of the Basel regulatory framework.
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Earth Day 2017-Five Facts for Your Environmental and Climate Literacy
April 22, 2017--1. A healthy environment is fundamental to poverty reduction. Environmental income accounts for about 28 percent of income worldwide, with particular importance for low-income households.
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IMF Fiscal Monitor: Achieving More with Less, April 2017
April 21, 2017--Fiscal policy has recently gained prominence, both in public debate and in governments' policy. A reassessment of fiscal policy is taking place, stressing its greater role in fostering sustainable and inclusive growth and smoothing the economic cycle.
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Guidance for Monetary Authorities on the recommended practice in accounting for gold
April 20, 2017--Monetary authorities hold gold in the performance of their official functions, typically as part of the country's official reserves.
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Global Blockchain Market to Grow to $5.4 Billion within Six Years
April 20, 2017--Blockchain ledger usage is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next six years, according to a new study
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Infographic-The Blockchain Could Change the Backbone of the Stock Market
April 20, 2017--Modern technology enables stock markets to be faster and more complex than ever.
But while the speed of order executions are infinitely more impressive across the board, the conceptual backbone behind the stock market itself hasn't changed much.
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IMF-World Economic Outlook, April 2017: Gaining Momentum?
April 18, 2017--Global economic activity is picking up with a long-awaited cyclical recovery in investment, manufacturing, and trade, according to Chapter 1 of this World Economic Outlook. World growth is expected to rise from 3.1 percent in 2016 to 3.5 percent in 2017 and 3.6 percent in 2018.
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DECPG Global Weekly -April 14, 2017
April 14, 2016--Taking Stock
U.S. consumer prices fell in March; retail sales declined for a second consecutive month. The U.S. consumer price index (CPI) dropped 0.3 percent (m/m, sa) in March, reflecting a broad decline in consumer prices.
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UBS moves to resuscitate asset management business
April 14, 2017--Swiss bank tries to stem the tide of outflows it has suffered over the past decade.
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Global sovereign fund assets stall at $6.59trillion-Preqin
April 13, 2017--Sovereign wealth fund (SWF) assets all but stalled at $6.59 trillion in the year to March 2017 due to a combination of weak markets, low oil prices and shifts in government policy, a report from research provider Preqin showed.
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OMR: Half time
April 13, 2017--It is now half time for the six-month oil production cuts agreed by OPEC and eleven non-OPEC countries. So far, the game has gone fairly well for producers. Prices have stabilised again recently after falling by about ten percent in early March, with recent unplanned outages and rising political tension in the Middle East playing a role.
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Global repo markets in transition post-crisis, regulatory changes and central bank stimulus: CGFS report
April 12, 2017-A new report by the Committee on the Global Financial System analyses the changes in the availability and cost of repo financing, a key market for short-term funding, and how these changes affect the ability of repurchasing agreements to support the financial system.
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Blockchain smart contracts raise systemic risk concerns
April 12, 2017--Automated swaps margin payments could exacerbate systemic risks, regulators warn
Regulators have raised concerns about the use of blockchain technology to automate the exchange of margin on derivatives transactions.
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Infographic-The 20 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World
April 10, 2017--Investors know the NYSE as a home for the world's most important blue chip stocks. Massive companies like Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway, Exxon Mobil, and Coca-Cola are listed on the exchange along with roughly 2,400 other companies, and together they add up to an astounding $20 trillion in value.
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Bank research costs asset managers $75.000 a year
April 9, 2017--Fund houses only spend average of $40,000 annually to access independent research.
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IMF Working Paper-Thick Vs.Thin-Skinned: Technology, News, and Financial Market Reaction
April 7, 2017--We study the impact of technology on the reaction of financial markets to information, focusing on the foreign exchange market. We contrast the "thin-skinned" view that technological improvements cause markets to react more to new information with the "thick-skinned" view that they react less.
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IMF paints bleak picture for DB funds
April 7, 2017--Defined benefit (DB) pension funds across the world may be forced to cut benefits "significantly" in the long term because of ultra-low interest rates, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.
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IMF-How an Extended Period of Low Growth Could Reshape the Financial Industry
April 6, 2017--What happens if advanced economies remain stuck in a long-lasting funk marked by tepid growth, low interest rates, aging populations and stagnant productivity? Japan offers an example of the impact on banks, and our analysis suggests that there could also be far-reaching consequences for insurance companies, pension funds, and asset-management firms.
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IMF-Global Financial Stability Report
April 6, 2017--Chapter 2 : Low Growth, Low Interest Rates, and Financial Intermediation
Chapter 2 analyzes the potential long-term impact of a scenario of sustained low growth and low real and nominal rates for the business models of financial institutions and the products offered by the financial sector. Advanced economies have experienced low interest rates and growth since the global financial crisis.
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Prudential treatment of problem assets-definitions of non-performing exposures and forbearance
April 4, 20176--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has today released the final guidance on the Prudential treatment of problem assets-definitions of non-performing exposures and forbearance.
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Gone with the Headwinds: Global Productivity
April 3, 2017--Productivity growth-the key driver of living standards-fell sharply following the global financial crisis and has remained sluggish since, adding to a slowdown already in train before.
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World Bank-More Action Needed to Meet Energy Goals by 2030, New Report Finds
April 3, 2017-The current pace of progress on three global energy goals- access to electricity, renewable energy and efficiency- is not moving fast enough to meet 2030 targets, according to the latest Global Tracking Framework (GTF) report released today by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency as part of the Sustainable Energy for All Knowledge Hub.
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BlackRock's active funds navigate rough seas
April 2, 2017--The asset manager insists it is sailing, not bailing, says Stephen Foley.
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Social Investing Grew to $23 Trillion in 2016
March 31, 2017--The U.S. accounts for 38% of global sustainable, responsible and impact investments assets
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Active investing: a new hope
March 31, 2017--Loophole gives the true stock pickers a chance to beat their low-cost rivals
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Revisions to the global systemically important banks assessment framework proposed by the Basel Committee
March 30, 2017--The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision today released a consultative document entitled Global systemically important banks-revised assessment framework. This document presents proposed revisions to the Committee's 2013 methodology for assessing and identifying global systemically important banks (G-SIBs).
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Wealth managers play 'robo advisers' at own game
March 30, 2017--Automation and big data mining are helping human planners compete.
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Investors drawn to environmentally friendly bonds
March 30, 2017--Big companies are tapping the debt market for renewable energy projects
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Insurance sector tunes into artificial intelligence
March 29, 2017-Start-ups in AI and the internet of things attracted the most new investment in 2016
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