Irish Stock Exchange sale offers 'pivot towards Europe'-continued

January 30, 2018--The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) is pivoting to Europe after its sale to Euronext, as the bourse looks to ride out-and even benefit from-the UK's exit from the EU.
The €137m deal, excluding cash and regulatory capital, will establish Dublin as the capital markets group's hub for the listing of debt securities,...view more

Europe ETP News
LSE February 2018 ETP Monthly Report
March 19, 2018--Listings
19 new ETFs were listed on LSE in February, making a total of 26 new ETFs listings in 2018.
There are now 994 ETFs (available as 1,480 lines through multi-currency offerings) and 412 other ETPs (available as 504 lines) on our London market.
Pleased to welcome ITI Funds, an ETF brand owned by Da Vinci Capital, as a new ETF issuer on LSE who brought 2 Russian ETFs:
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New Expat AM ETFs on Eastern and Southern European markets launched on Xetra
March 19, 2018--ETFs offer first-time access to the largest and most liquid stock corporations from the Czech Republic and Romania
Four new exchange traded funds issued by Expat Asset Management EAD have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Friday.
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Monday Morning Memo: Review of the European ETF Market, February 2018
March 19, 2018--The promoters of ETFs in Europe enjoyed net inflows for February. The assets under management in the European ETF industry (£648.3 bn) increased for February, up from £647.2 bn at the end of January 2018.
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Security Settles on Ethereum in Blockchain Post-Trade First
March 18, 2018--In a first-of-a-kind transaction happening Friday, all it takes to switch from the old world of centralized clearing houses to the frontier of decentralized blockchains is the press of a button.
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German Exchange Glitch Hits Futures Volumes, Delays Big IPO
March 16, 2018--$100-billion-a-day Bund market delayed by more than an hour
Xetra stocks also impacted ahead of Siemens Healthineers debut
Equity and derivatives trading was delayed on the day of a landmark stock debut in Germany due to a technical glitch, Deutsche Boerse AG said.
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Neue ETFs von Expat AM auf ost- und sudeuropaische Markte auf Xetra gestartet
16. Mrz 2018--ETFs bieten erstmals Zugang zu den größten und liquidesten Aktienunternehmen aus Tschechien und Rumänien
Seit Freitag sind vier neue Exchange Traded Funds des Emittenten Expat Asset Management EAD über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
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ESAs weigh benefits and risks of Big Data
March 15, 2018--The Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) published today its final report on Big Data analysing its impact on consumers and financial firms.
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New Lyxor ETF with focus on sustainability launched on Xetra
March 15, 2018--New Lyxor ETF with focus on sustainability launched on Xetra
Equity index ETF provides access to high ESG-rated companies from emerging markets
A new exchange traded fund issued by Lyxor International Asset Management has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Thursday.
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EBA publishes its Roadmap on FinTech
March 15, 2018--The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today a FinTech Roadmap setting out its priorities for 2018/2019. The Roadmap also sets out the establishment of a FinTech Knowledge Hub to enhance knowledge sharing and foster technological neutrality in regulatory and supervisory approaches.
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ComStage asset strategy ETFs launched on Xetra
March 15, 2018--Two new ComStage asset strategy ETFs launched on Xetra
ETFs provide access to a broadly diversified ETF portfolio
Two new active exchange traded funds issued by ComStage have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Wednesday.
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Neuer Lyxor-ETF mit Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit auf Xetra gestartet
15. Feb 2018--Aktienindex-ETF bietet Zugang zu Unternehmen aus Schwellenländern mit hohem ESG-Rating
Seit Donnerstag ist ein weiterer Exchange Traded Fund des Emittenten Lyxor International Asset Management über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
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UK-based Coinfloor to launch physically settled bitcoin futures
March 14, 2018-- Cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinfloor said on Wednesday it will launch a futures exchange for digital assets that will include the first physically delivered bitcoin futures contracts next month.
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Zwei neue ComStage Vermogensstrategie-ETFs auf Xetra gestartet
14. Mrz 2018-ETFs bieten Zugang zu einem breit diversifizierten ETF-Portfolio
Seit Mittwoch sind zwei Active Exchange Traded Funds des Emittenten ComStage über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
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UBS AM lists two new ETF commodity share classes on the London Stock Exchange
March 14, 2018--UBS Asset Management announces two new currency hedged commodity share classes on the LSE.
The UBS ETFs (IE) Bloomberg Commodity CMCI hedged GBP ETF replicates the performance of the UBS Bloomberg Commodity CMCI (Constant Maturity Commodity Index) GBP hedged Total Return Index.
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Neuer Xtrackers-ETF auf renditestarke Unternehmensanleihen auf Xetra gestartet
13. Mrz 2018--Seit Dienstag ist ein neuer Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) des Emittenten Deutsche Asset Management über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
Mit dem Rentenindex-ETF erhalten Anleger die Möglichkeit, an der Wertentwicklung renditestarker, auf US-Dollar lautende Unternehmensanleihen zu partizipieren.
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Banks told to speed up work on 'risk free' Euribor alternative
March 13, 2018--Starting in 2020, banks won't be allowed to use two interest rate benchmarks that have been discredited by allegations of fraud, a top European Union regulator said, putting pressure on the financial sector to find alternatives fast.
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New Xtrackers ETF on high-yield corporate bonds launched on Xetra
March 13, 2018--A new exchange traded fund (ETF) issued by Deutsche Asset Management has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.
The bond index ETF enables investors to participate in the performance of high-yield corporate bonds denominated in US dollars.
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ECB-Euro Area Securities Issues Statistics: January 2018
March 12, 2018--The annual growth rate of the outstanding amount of debt securities issued by euro area residents was 1 .3% in January 2018, the same as in December 2017.
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New bond index ETF on corporate bonds from emerging markets by UBS Global AM launched on Xetra
March 12, 2018--New bond index ETF on corporate bonds from emerging markets by UBS Global AM launched on Xetra
A new exchange traded fund (ETF) issued by UBS Global Asset Management has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Monday.
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Tradeweb European Exchange-Traded Funds Update-February 2018
March 12, 2018--The following data is derived from trading activity on the Tradeweb European-listed ETF platform.
ETF total traded volume
Total traded volume executed on the Tradeweb European-listed ETF marketplace reached a record-breaking €24 billion in Februar, up 20% from January's activity.
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Neuer Rentenindex-ETF auf Unternehmensanleihen aus Schwellenlandern von UBS Global AM auf Xetra gestartet
12. Mrz 2018--Seit Montag ist ein neuer Exchange Traded Fund des Emittenten UBS Global Asset Management über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
Mit dem UBS ETF-J.P. Morgan USD EM Diversified Bond 1-5 UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc erhalten Anleger die Möglichkeit, in ein diversifiziertes Portfolio verschiedener Unternehmensanleihen aus Schwellenländern mit Laufzeiten von ein bis fünf Jahren zu investieren.
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FCA publishes discussion paper on transforming culture in financial services
March 12, 2018--The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published a discussion paper on transforming culture in financial services which presents views from academics and industry thought leaders. The paper is intended to provide a basis for stimulating further debate on transforming culture in the sector.
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Monday Morning Memo: A Brief View of Measures to Identify "Closet Trackers"
March 12, 2018--A topic widely discussed in the European fund industry is actively managed funds that seem simply to follow an index without adding value for investors, while the management company charges fees for active management-so-called closet trackers.
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Capital Markets Union: covered bonds, cross-border distribution of investment funds and cross-border transactions in claims and securities
March 12, 2018--How are today's proposals linked to the Capital Markets Union (CMU)?
The Capital Markets Union is one of the priorities of the Juncker Commission to strengthen Europe's economy and stimulate investments to create jobs. The CMU aims to mobilise and channel capital to all businesses in the EU, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that need resources to expand and thrive.
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'No deal' Brexit could cost UK, EU companies 58 billion pounds: report
March 11, 2018--Companies in Britain and the European Union face an extra 58 billion pounds ($80 billion) in annual costs if there is a no-deal Brexit, with Britain's vast financial sector set to be the worst-hit industry, according to a report on Monday.
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Fund managers count cost of Mifid research shake-up
March 10, 2018--Asset managers are setting aside tens of millions of dollars after agreeing to swallow the cost of paying for investment research following the introduction of wide.ranging European market rules this year.
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STOXX: STOXX monthly index news February 2018
March 9, 2018--Following 15 months of uninterrupted gains in global stocks, volatility made a comeback in February, whiplashing investors accustomed to a long stretch of solid and stable returns. The culprit was reportedly the sudden spike in US bond yields, which puts pressure on long-term financial results.
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FinTech: Commission takes action for a more competitive and innovative financial market
March 8, 2018--The European Commission is today unveiling an Action Plan on how to harness the opportunities presented by technology-enabled innovation in financial services (FinTech).
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Aberdeen Standard Investments expands smart-beta range with low volatility equity fund
March 8, 2018--Managed by quantitative investment strategy team
Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) has added to its SMARTER Beta fund range with the launch of the Smart Beta Low Volatility Global Equity Growth fund.
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State Street builds its European ETF business-quietly
March 7, 2018--Executive vice president and SPDR co-head Rory Tobin wants State Street Global Advisors' Europe ETFs business to rival its US ranking Rory Tobin, one of the main architects of BlackRock's successful European exchange traded funds business,
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Franklin Templeton hires ex-Invesco PowerShares UK distribution head to lead EMEA ETF sales
March 7, 2018--Joins from Invesco PowerShares
Franklin Templeton Investments has appointed Caroline Baron as head of ETF Sales-EMEA to generate and retain assets within the group's recently launched LibertyShares product suite.
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Change in the Scale 30 index
March 7, 2018--On Wednesday, Deutsche Börse announced a regular change to its Scale 30 index. Due to the higher 12 months order book turnover the shares of Daldrup & Söhne AG will replace the shares of Ringmetall AG.
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European Semester Winter Package: reviewing Member States' progress on their economic and social priorities
March 7, 2018--The European Commission today publishes its annual analysis of the economic and social situation in the Member States, including progress in implementing country-specific recommendations and an assessment of possible imbalances.
The European economy is expanding robustly and the positive economic outlook is matched by an improved labour market and social situation.
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White-label ETF provider HANetf appoints compliance firm
March 7, 2018--HANetf, described as Europe's first independent white label platform for ETFs, has appointed Carne Group to provide compliance services.
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As Brexit Looms, EU Capital Markets are underperforming-London leading the trend.
March 7, 2018--A new report by think-tank New Financial finds that EU capital markets continue to underperform, widening the transatlantic gap with US capital markets.
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Franklin Templeton relaunches Global fund with ESG focus
March 6, 2018--Renamed Templeton Global Climate Change
Franklin Templeton Investments has repositioned its euro-denominated Global fund with a sustainability focus, renaming it the Templeton Global Climate Change fund.
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Asset managers in Britain pay compensation over misleading fees
March 5, 2018--A group of asset managers in Britain has paid 34 million pounds ($47 million) in compensation to investors for failing to clearly state how their funds are managed, the financial markets regulator said.
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Euro zone's economic roar lost some volume in February: PMI
March 5, 2018--The euro zone's economic boom paused last month as rising prices took a toll on demand, but the zone remains on course for its best growth in eight years, a survey showed on Monday.
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Bank of England to offer Islamic liquidity tool more widely
March 5, 2018--The Bank of England plans to offer a proposed sharia-compliant liquidity tool to a wider range of financial institutions beyond Islamic banks to boost demand, a senior official said on Monday.
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New iShares smart beta ETF launched on Xetra
March 5, 2018--ETF provides access to companies from industrialised countries in the EMU
A new exchange traded fund (ETF) issued by iShares has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Monday.
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UK official holdings of international reserves: February 2018
March 5, 2018--This monthly release shows details of movements in the UK's official holdings of international reserves' or assets. These consist of gold' foreign currency assets and International Monetary Fund assets.
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Covestro to replace ProSiebenSat.1 Media in DAX
March 5, 2018--Aroundtown and Rocket Internet to be included in MDAX/Changes to be effective as of 19 March 2018
On Monday, Deutsche Börse announced changes to its selection indices, which will become effective on 19 March 2018. The shares of Covestro AG will replace ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE in the DAX index.
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Neuer Smart Beta-ETF von iShares auf Xetra gestartet
05. Mrz 2018--ETF bietet Zugang zu Unternehmen aus Industrieländern der Europäischen Wirtschafts-und Währungsunion
Seit Montag ist ein neuer Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) von iShares über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
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Flow Traders publishes its 2017 Annual Report, Financial Statements and convening notice for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
March 2, 2018--Flow Traders N.V. (Euronext: FLOW) is pleased to announce today's publication of its 2017 Annual Report and 2017 Financial Statements.
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Boerse Stuttgart generates turnover in excess of EUR 7.1 billion in February
March 2, 2018--Brisk trading due to increased volatility //Turnover in derivative investment products and investment funds up on January.
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Carney calls for crackdown on crypto-currency 'mania'
March 2, 2018--Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin should be regulated to crack down on illegal activities and protect the financial system, Mark Carney warned.
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Deutsche Borse: Cash markets with highest February turnover since 2008
March 1, 2018--With a turnover of €158.5 billion in February, Deutsche Börse cash markets have achieved the highest February turnover since 2008 (February 2017: €109.0 billion). Of the €158.5 billion, €143.4 billion were attributable to Xetra (February 2017: €97.8 billion). The average daily turnover on Xetra was thus €7.2 billion.
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London Stock Exchange-February 2018 ETF and ETP Monthly Trading Statistics
March 1, 2018-London Stock Exchange ETF and ETP Monthly Trading Statistics February 2018 report.
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The EURO STOXX 50 and STOXX Ltd. Turn 20
March 1, 2018--The EURO STOXX 50(R) Index turns 20 this week, a period marked by financial crises and recoveries, a deeper economic union of the region, and the transformation of markets.
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The Spanish Stock Exchange traded 46.5 billion euros in February, up 2.8% year-on-year
March 1, 2018--The Spanish Stock Exchange traded €46.5 billion in Equities in February, up 2.8% year-on-year. The number of trades in February came in at 4.4 million, up 15.5% from the same month a year earlier.
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ESMA updates EMIR validation rules
March 1, 2018--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has updated today its validation rules regarding the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) with regards to the revised technical standards on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR.
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IMF-Kingdom of the Netherlands: Concluding Statement of the 2018 Article IV Consultation
February 28, 2018-- Outlook-A Positive Outlook with Remaining Challenges
1.The Dutch economy is in a positive phase. Growth is estimated at just above 3 percent in 2017 and is forecast to continue at about the same rate this year, supported by strong domestic demand and resilient exports.
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Goldman Sachs and SocGen Submit Bids for Commerzbank Unit
February 28, 2018--Barclays drops bid for Equity Markets & Commodities business
Commerzbank plans to select a winning offer next month
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Brexit: European Commission publishes draft Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement
February 28, 2018--The European Commission has today published the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.
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Ossiam launches new corporate bond ETF on Xetra
February 27, 2018--A new exchange traded fund issued by Ossiam has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday. The "Ossiam Solactive Moody's Analytics IG EUR Select Credit-UCITS ETF" enables investors to participate in the performance of euro-denominated fixed-income corporate bonds with an investment grade rating.
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Neuer ETF auf Unternehmensanleihen von Ossiam auf Xetra gestartet
27. Feb 2018--ETF bildet auf Euro lautende Festzins-Unternehmensanleihen mit Investment-Grade- Rating ab
Seit Dienstag ist ein neuer Exchange Traded Fund des Emittenten Ossiam über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
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Deutsche Borse welcomes J.P. Morgan Asset Management as new ETF issuer
February 27, 2018--Two bond index ETFs and three active ETFs listed on Xetra
Exchange traded funds issued by J.P. Morgan Asset Management have been tradable on Xetra and the Börse Frankfurt venue for the first time since Tuesday. At the start of trading, the product range comprises two bond index ETFs and three active ETFs, which enable investments in selected alternative beta strategies.
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Thomson Reuters-Monday Morning Memo: European Investors Show Increased Appetite for Risk in January 2018
February 26, 2018--Despite some disruptions in fund distribution coming from the introduction of MiFID II on January 8, 2018, January was the thirteenth consecutive month showing a positive picture for long-term mutual funds.
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Deutsche Bank confirms 2bn Euro asset management IPO
February 26, 2018--Deutsche Bank has confirmed plans to list its asset management division DWS on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for €2bn (£1.76bn, $2.45bn).
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ETFs from Franklin Templeton new at SIX
February 26, 2018--The ETF segment of SIX Swiss Exchange extends its product offering. Today, SIX welcomes Franklin Templeton as a new ETF issuer.
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Brokers and managers grapple with Mifid 'inducement' rule
February 24, 2018--Under the new rules, only fund managers that specifically pay for research should have access to it. This was introduced to restrict inducements, where brokers offer research for free as a ploy to attract managers to trade with them.
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UK MPs are launching an inquiry into bitcoin and blockchain
February 23, 2018--The Treasury select committee will consider how to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
The UK Treasury select committee is launching an inquiry into cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and its underlying technology blockchain, it announced yesterday.
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S&P upgrades Russia, lifting it out of junk territory
February 23, 2018--S&P Global Ratings on Friday raised its sovereign credit rating for Russia by one notch pushing it into investment-grade territory.
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Official Statistics: Database of forecasts for the UK economy
February 23, 2018--Each month HM Treasury publishes independent forecasts of key economic and fiscal indicators for the UK economy. Forecasts before 2010 are hosted by The National Archives.
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Fidelity backtracks on research costs to avoid 'disproportionate consequences' for clients
February 22, 2018--Announced last October would be passing on to clients
Fidelity International has joined the majority of its asset manager peers in deciding to absorb external research costs, instead of passing them onto clients, reversing plans it made last year.
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ECB-Account of the monetary policy meeting
February 22, 2018--Account of the monetary policy meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, held in Frankfurt am Main on Wednesday and Thursday, 24-25 January 2018
1. Review of financial, economic and monetary developments and policy options
Financial market developments
Mr Cœuré reviewed the latest financial market developments.
Since the Governing Council's monetary policy meeting on 13-14 December 2017, the German and the US government bond yield curves had steepened, led by long-term bond yields, after the flattening observed previously.
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Da Vinci Capital enters European ETF business with platform and two Russia funds
February 22, 2018--One equity and one bond fund
Emerging markets specialist Da Vinci Capital Management has entered the European ETF market with the launch of ETF platform ITI Funds and two Russia funds listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE).
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SIX Swiss Exchange-New launch: primary debt capital market report
February 22, 2018--This debt capital market report provides quarterly statistics and charts concerning bonds listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.
The primary debt capital market report[pdf] contains information such as the number and volume of new bond listings on SIX Swiss Exchange, upcoming maturities, distribution of issuers (sectors and countries), average maturity and related interest rate and spread development. The report appears quarterly.
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Solactive launches Industrial Robotics & Automation Index
February 22, 2018--icensed to Commerzbank for structured products
Solactive introduces the Solactive Industrial Robotics & Automation Index, a thematic index tracking companies providing robotics and automation solutions in an industrial context.
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SIX Swiss Exchange New listings
February 22, 2018--New Listings on the SIX
On 22.02.2018-PowerShares Source lists 3 bond ETFs
PIMCO Eur ST Hi Yld Corp Bond Index Source UCITS ETF EUR Ac
PIMCO Eur ST Hi Yld Corp Bond Index Source UCITS ETF EUR In

On 19.02.2018-Lyxor lists an ETF on Korea-LYXOR MSCI KOREA UCITS ETF
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IMF-Departmental Papers/Policy Papers-Revisiting the Economic Case for Fiscal Union in the Euro Area
February 21, 2018--Summary: The paper makes an analytical contribution to the revived discussion about the euro area's institutional setup. After significant progress during the euro crisis, the drive to complete Europe's Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) had stalled, and the way forward will benefit from an in-depth look at the conceptual issues raised by the evolution and architecture of Europe, and the tradeoffs involved.
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Deutsche Bank takes first step towards DWS listing
February 20, 2018--Lender plans March float for unit with €700bn in assets under management.
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Official Statistics: Forecasts for the UK economy: February 2018
February 20, 2018--Forecasts for the UK economy is a monthly comparison of independent forecasts.
Please note that this is a summary of published material reflecting the views of the forecasting organisations themselves and does not in any way provide new information on the Treasury's own views.
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Thomson Reuters-Monday Morning Memo: Review of the European ETF Market, January 2018
February 19, 2018--The promoters of ETFs enjoyed for January the highest monthly net inflows ever. The assets under management in the European ETF industry (€652.9 bn) increased for January, up from €632.5 bn at the end of December 2017.
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Euro area investment fund statistics: fourth quarter of 2017
February 19, 2018--In the fourth quarter of 2017 the outstanding amount of shares/units issued by investment funds other than money market funds was €11,212 billion, which is €282 billion higher than in the third quarter of 2017.
Investment funds other than money market funds increased their holdings of both equity and debt securities issued by the rest of the world.
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