IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Russia-continued

November 17, 2017--"A cyclical recovery in Russia is gaining pace after a two-year recession, with growth expected to reach around 2 percent this year, supported by higher oil prices and easier domestic financial conditions.
Nevertheless, growth is likely to remain low in the medium-term, due to demographics, unaddressed structural bottlenecks as well as enduring sanctions.

Inflation is likely to be just under 3 percent at end-2017, but it is expected to return to around the 4 percent target soon thereafter. The current account surplus is forecasted to improve due to higher oil prices and stronger global demand.

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Source: IMF

Europe ETP News
Deutsche Borse decides rule changes for MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX indices
May 18, 2018--Removal of tech and classic classifications
Expansion of MDAX to 60 stocks and SDAX to 70
New methodology effective in index calculation from 24 September 2018
Deutsche Börse announced rule changes to the inclusion of companies in the MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX indices on Friday, 18 May 2018.
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Solactive launches L&G Gender in Leadership UK Index used as the underlying index for GIRL
May 17, 2018--Underlying L&G Future World Gender in Leadership UK Index
Solactive is pleased to announce the release of the Solactive L&G Gender in Leadership UK Index used as the basis for the L&G Future World Gender in Leadership UK Index Fund ("GIRL"), the first gender-oriented fund to exclusively focus on UK-listed companies.
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New ETF Listing on Euronext-Amundi Asset Management
May 16, 2018--Euronext is pleased to announce that Lyxor International AM will list 1 new ETF on 18/05/2018 :
ISIN: LU1810006863
: ETF Symbol: MFLS
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New Xtrackers ETF on emerging market bonds launched on Xetra
May 16, 2018--A new exchange traded fund issued by DWS has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Wednesday.
The new Bond index ETF enables investors to participate in the performance of investment-grade and high-yield emerging market bonds denominated in US dollars.
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New HSBC active ETFs on stock corporations worldwide launched on Xetra
May 16, 2018--Two new active exchange traded funds issued by HSBC Global Asset Management have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Wednesday.
The two active ETFs enable investors to participate in the performance of stock corporations anywhere in the world. The stocks are selected through active asset management.
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Euro Area Securities Issues Statistics: March 2018
May 16, 2018--The annual growth rate of the outstanding amount of debt securities issued by euro area residents was 1.5% in March 2018, compared with 1.3% in February.
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Versatility of ETFs Driving Usage Among European Institutions
May 15, 2018--Growing Demand For ESG To Boost Use Of ETFs
Facing a set of fast-changing global market conditions, European institutional investors are utilizing the versatility of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to adjust their portfolios, and integrating ETFs more deeply into both tactical and strategic investment processes and strategies.
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Source co-founder launches fixed income ETF firm
May 15, 2018--MJ Lytle opens Tabula Investment Management with ex-GLG COO Hasan Sabri
Former Source ETF co-founder Michael John Lytle and ex-GLG COO Hasan Sabri are launching a fixed income ETF firm aimed at European institutional investors.
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London Stock Exchange New Listing
May 14,2018--Notice of Admission to trading on the London Stock Exchange.
Boost-4 ETfs
2 DBX Xtrackers ETCs
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New Lyxor ETFs with sustainability focus launched on Xetra
May 14, 2018--Three new exchange traded funds issued by Lyxor International Asset Management are tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt as of Monday.
The three ETFs enable investors to participate in the performance of stock corporations with a particularly high rating in environmental, social and governance factors (ESG).
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Germany: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2018 Article IV Mission
May 14, 2018--Germany's economic performance is impressive, supported by prudent economic management and past structural reforms. Growth is robust. The unemployment rate has fallen to levels not seen in decades and employment is rising. Household and corporate balance sheets are strong and the public debt ratio is declining rapidly.
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Thomson Reuters-Monday Morning Memo: The Market Concentration by Fund Domicile is No Reason to Worry
May 14, 2018--It is no secret that the European fund market is quite fragmented in some areas. But when it comes to the market concentration of fund domiciles, the picture changes from fragmented to rather concentrated. According to our European fund market report for Q1-2018, there were 34 fund domiciles in Europe, accounting for 10.54 trillion euros of assets under management.
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Neue Lyxor-ETFs mit Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit auf Xetra gestartet
14.Mai 2018--Seit Montag sind drei neue Exchange Traded Funds des Emittenten Lyxor International Asset Management über Xetra und Börse Frankfurt handelbar.
Mit den drei ETFs erhalten Anleger die Möglichkeit, an der Wertentwicklung von Aktienunternehmen zu partizipieren, die ein besonders hohes ESG-Rating im Bereich Umweltschutz, soziale Verantwortung und Unternehmensführung (Environment, Social & Governance) aufweisen.
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Few funds sold to retail investors beat benchmark after fees
May 13, 2018--Italian consultancy Prometeia say managers do not take enough active risk
Less than one in five of the funds sold to retail investors in Europe in the past three years outperformed their benchmark after fees were taken into account, says research by Prometeia.
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Solactive launches Media and Communications Index tracked by BMO Global Communications Index ETF
May 11, 2018--Tracked by BMO Global Communications Index ETF
Solactive is pleased to announce the release of the Solactive Media and Communications Index, a free-float market-cap-weighted index intended to mirror the price movement of global stocks in the media and communications industry.
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New Xtrackers ETFs with sustainability focus launched on Xetra
May 11, 2018--Four new exchange traded funds issued by DWS are tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt as of Friday.
The four new ETFs enable investors to participate in the performance of large and medium-sized stock corporations with a particularly high rating in environmental, social and governance factors (ESG), as well as a small current and future carbon footprint.
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Tradeweb European Exchange-Traded Funds Update-April 2018
May 9, 2018--The following data is derived from trading activity on the Tradeweb European-listed ETF platform.
ETF total traded volume Activity on the Tradeweb European-listed ETF marketplace remained strong in April.
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Number of banks per RFQ jumps in EU, posing risk to prices
May 9, 2018--Some requests for quote are sent to over 20 dealers, raising worries about information leakage.
Dealers fielding buy,side requests for quotes on swap trades are facing sharply increased competition from other banks, due to a recent clarification from European regulators.
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Barclays licenses two EURO iSTOXX 50 ESG Focus indices
May 8, 2018--STOXX Ltd., the operator of Deutsche Börse Group's index business and a global provider of innovative and tradable index concepts, has licensed the EURO iSTOXX 50 ESG Focus Index and the EURO iSTOXX 50 ESG Focus GR Decrement 5% Index to the British bank Barclays as underlyings for the issuance of structured products.
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Thomson Reuters-Monday Morning Memo: Are ETFs the better tool for investors?
May 7, 2018--While observing the current active/passive fund debate, one could get the impression that investors must make the decision of investing either passively or actively in their portfolios.
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Solactive releases new equity benchmark covering Australia
May 4, 2018--Solactive is excited to announce the release of the Solactive Australia 200 Index, a new benchmark tracking the performance of the 200 largest companies by market capitalization listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
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ESAs consult on amendments to joint EMIR standards
May 4, 2018--The European Supervisory Authorities Authority (ESAs) launched today two joint consultations to amend Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on the clearing obligation and risk mitigation techniques for OTC derivatives not cleared.
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Boerse Stuttgart records April turnover of around EUR 5 billion
May 3, 2018--Trading in leverage products shows year-on-year increase
Based on its order book statistics, Boerse Stuttgart generated turnover of around EUR 5 billion in April 2018.
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New VanEck Vectors ETF on the global metal and mining sector launched on Xetra
May 3, 2018--A new exchange traded fund issued by VanEck Vectors is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt as of Thursday.
The VanEck Vectors Global Mining UCITS ETF gives investors access to equities, American Depositary Receipts (ADR) and Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) of metal and mining companies worldwide.
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New Xtrackers ETF on the US stock market launched on Xetra
May 3, 2018--A new exchange traded fund issued by Deutsche Asset Management is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt as of Thursday.
The Xtrackers MSCI USA UCITS ETF 2C-EUR Hedged Distribution gives investors access to large and medium-sized US stock corporations. The reference index currently comprises 631 shares and coversroughly 85 percent of US market capitalisation.
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Swiss exchange launches microwave trading network
May 3, 2018--The Exchange Services unit of SIX launched the first international microwave-based trading network in Europe.
SIX is the first exchange worldwide to own and operate an international microwave network in Europe.
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Vienna Stock Exchange expands existing ATX offering with new short and leverage indices
May 3, 2018--As of today, the Vienna Stock Exchange is launching new short and leverage indices on the leading Austrian index ATX, thus expanding its existing index offering. The short indices are based on the ATX Total Return (ATX TR) and the leverage indices on the ATX Net Total Return (ATX NTR).
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The Spanish Exchange traded 65.6 billion Euros in April
May 3, 2018--The Spanish Exchange traded €65.6 billion in Equities in April, up 33.3% from the preceding month and is the highest figure in the last ten months. The number of trades came in at 2.9 million.
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National Statistics: UK official holdings of international reserves: April 2018
May 3, 2018--This release details movements in the international reserves of gold and assets held by the UK government.
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European Commisiion-Spring 2018 Economic Forecast: Expansion to continue amid new risks
May 3, 2018-- Growth rates for the EU and the euro area beat expectations in 2017 to reach a 10-year high at 2.4%. Growth is set to remain strong in 2018 and ease only slightly in 2019, with growth of 2.3% and 2.0% respectively respectively in both the EU and the euro area.
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ESMA launches bond liquidity system under MiFID II
May 2, 2018--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published today its first liquidity assessment for bonds subject to the pre-and post-trade requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Regulation (MiFIR).
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ECB publishes European framework for testing financial sector resilience to cyber attacks
May 2, 20187--TIBER-EU is the first European framework for controlled cyber hacking to test resilience of financial market entities
Framework facilitates testing for cross-border entities under oversight of several authorities
Goals are to help entities gain insight about their protection, detection and response capabilities and to help them fighting cyber attacks
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Increased trading volumes, new records for ETFs
May 2, 2018--The high trading volume on the cash markets since the beginning of the year has led to new records in ETF trading on Xetra, Europe's leading platform for exchange-traded funds. The first quarter of 2018 saw a total of more than 1.9 million orders executed, the highest number since the products were introduced in 2000, and around 30 percent up year on year.
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Algos all go?
May 2, 2018--Most academic studies find that algorithmic trading improves the quality of financial markets in normal times by boosting market liquidity (so larger trades can be executed more quickly at lower cost) and enhancing price efficiency (so market prices better reflect all value-relevant information).
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Increase in sector investing and sector ETFs amongst UK wealth managers
May 2, 2018--Over half (53 percent) of the 50 UK wealth managers survey revealed they use sector exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment strategies, according to SPDR ETF.
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Introducing the EDHEC-Princeton Retirement Goal-Based Investing Index Series-an answer to the retirement problem
May 2, 2018--Introducing the EDHEC-Princeton Retirement Goal-Based Investing Index Series-an answer to the retirement problem
With the growing need to supplement public and private retirement benefits with voluntary contributions, individuals are becoming increasingly responsible for their own retirement savings and investment decisions.
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Societe Generale to launch new range of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) for UK Investors
May 2, 2018--Societe Generale, one of the leading European financial services groups, has listed 74 ETPs on the London Stock Exchange, so UK sophisticated retail and professional investors can leverage their exposures to equities, commodities and currencies.
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Monday Morning Memo: Are European fund investors in "risk-on" mode?
April 30, 2018--Looking at the headline figures, first quarter 2018 could be considered a business-as-usual quarter for the European fund industry, since the assets under management (+€10.5 tr) hit a new all-time high at the end of March. After a year of record inflows the European fund industry enjoyed further net inflows of €81.5 bn over the course of first quarter 2018.
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S&P Dow Jones Indices-Europe Dashboard
April 30, 2018--Summary
A strong start to the earnings season and easing geopolitical tensions competed with concerns of a trade war to hold the market's attention in April. Fundamentals won the day; the S&P Europe 350 gained 4.76%, pushing the European equity benchmark into the black for 2018.
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Mifid II regime shines light on trading relations
April 29, 2018--From Monday, asset managers must show the top five brokers they have used for trading over a calendar year, for each class of financial instrument. They must also show they are getting the best prices on their share, bond and derivative deals.
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UK and Germany offer widest choice in ETFs and trackers
April 29, 2018--Low-cost tracker funds that follow an index are attracting growing interest from investors who have become disenchanted with the inconsistent performance and high fees of active managers that try to pick winning stocks.
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New SPDR-ETF on UK stock corporations launched on Xetra
April 27, 2018--ETF tracks around 98 percent of market capitalisation on UK market
A new exchange traded fund issued by State Street Global Advisors is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt as of Friday.
The SPDR FTSE UK All Share UCITS ETF (Dist) gives investors comprehensive access to the UK stock market.
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Euro area economic and financial developments by institutional sector: fourth quarter of 2017
April 27, 2018--Euro area saving (net, as a percentage of disposable income) was higher in the fourth quarter of 2017 than in the same quarter of the previous year. Total euro area non-financial investment (net) increased owing to higher investment by households and non-financial corporations (NFCs).
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Regulators wrestle with rapidly expanding ETF industry
April 26, 2018--As the exchange traded fund industry continues its record-breaking growth, are these investment vehicles sufficiently regulated?
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Flow Traders NV Annual General Meeting of Shareholders adopts all proposals
April 26, 2018--Flow Traders N.V. ("Flow Traders") announced today that its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ("AGM") has adopted all proposals on the agenda of the AGM.
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VanEck launches global mining ETF on LSE
April 26, 2018--VanEck Europe has launched the VanEck Vectors Global Mining UCITS ETF (GDIG LN) on the London Stock Exchange, providing access to firms around the world which are operating in the mining industry. The new offering complements the firm's existing portfolio of ETFs which includes funds tracking the global gold mining sector.
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Three new iShares ETFs launched on Xetra
April 25, 2018--ETFs offer access to small cap companies, to the automation and robotics industry, as well as to a diversified commodities portfolio
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Europe's artificial intelligence efforts to receive EU to put EUR 1.5bn EU boost
April 25, 2018--The EU is to boost investment in artificial intelligence by EUR 1.5 bn, the EU Commission announced on Wednesday, as part of a package of measures to boost Europe's competitiveness in the field of AI.
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WisdomTree appoints Christopher Gannatti as Head of Research in Europe
April 25, 2018--WisdomTree reinforces its commitment to quality ETF research
WisdomTree, an exchange-traded fund ("ETF") and exchange-traded product ("ETP") sponsor, is pleased to announce the appointment of Christopher Gannatti as Head of Research for WisdomTree in Europe.
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European Commission: Consumer financial services: Commission study identifies remaining hurdles
April 24, 2018--The European Commission has today published a study on consumer financial services identifying obstacles that consumers continue to face in the EU when buying investment funds, investment-driven life insurance or private pension.
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April 24, 2018--Flow Traders N.V. (Euronext: FLOW) today released its unaudited 1Q18 trading update. The highlights for the period are as follows:
Best quarterly trading results (NTI) to date, with strong performance across all regions;
NTI increased to €213.2 million in 1Q18, against €39.3 million in 4Q17 and €48.3 million in 1Q17;
Flow Traders' ETP Value Traded grew 49% Q-o-Q, while the Market ETP Value Traded grew
38% Q-o-Q, showing market share gains across all regions;
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Lyxor study: Active manager outperformance improves in 2017
April 24, 2018--44% outperformed up from 28%
The number of active managers in Europe beating their benchmarks in 2017 rose to 44%, an increase on the 28% recorded the previous year, according to data from Lyxor Asset Management.
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Thomson Reuters-Active Funds: Coming Out of the Blocks Slowly in 2018
April 23, 2018--Having recently enjoyed a feast of inspiring Commonwealth Games performances, I was prompted to check out how well active funds have come out of the blocks in 2018.
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Thomson Reuters Monday Morning Memo: March 2018: European Investors Favor Equity Funds Despite Increased Volatility
April 23, 2018--European Fund-Flow Trends, March 2018
Even though the market environment turned negative, March was the fifteenth consecutive month showing a positive picture for long-term mutual fund flows. European fund promoters enjoyed net inflows into equity funds (+€3.4 bn), followed by mixed-asset funds (+€3.2 bn) and alternative UCITS funds (+€2.0 bn) as well as real estate funds (+€0.4 bn) and commodity funds (+€0.3 bn).
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State Street completes migration of Irish-domiciled SPDR ETFs to Euroclear's ICSD model
April 23, 2018--Euroclear Bank today announced that State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the asset management arm of State Street Corporation (STT) has now completed the migration of all of its SPDR Irish-domiciled Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to Euroclear's ICSD model.
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Mifid II forces fund managers into sharp research cuts
April 22, 2018--European groups rein back on analysis produced by banks and brokers.
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