EU approves new Greek bailout -continued

February 21, 2012--Eurozone finance ministers in Brussels approved early on Tuesday a second bailout of Greece after six months of extremely tense discussions which exposed sharp divisions in Europe.
The last few weeks of negotiations stalled on deep mistrust by some northern European countries of the determination in Greece to enact commitments and change the political culture.

These were some of the other major hurdles encountered:

The new bailout should be the biggest in history.

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Source: EUbusiness

Europe ETP News
Financial Stability Paper 33: A European Capital Markets Union: implications for growth and stability
February 27, 2015--Capital Markets Union (CMU) is an overarching term used to describe a number of possible measures aimed at diversifying and integrating European capital markets to support economic growth and stability.
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S&P Dow Jones Indices-Europe Index Dashboard
February 27, 2015--The European equity markets have been having a ripping year so far and the S&P Europe 350 added a further 6.9% during February, bringing the year-to-date returns to 14.7%.
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Deutsche Börse welcomes WisdomTree Europe as new ETF issuer on Xetra
ETFs track smart beta index strategies
February 26, 2015--Six exchange-traded funds (ETFs) issued by WisdomTree Europe have been tradable on Xetra for the first time since Thursday.
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Best Execution under MiFID
February 25, 2015--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has conducted a peer review on how national regulators (national competent authorities or NCAs) supervise and enforce the MiFID provisions relating to investment firms' obligation to provide best execution, or obtain the best possible result, for their clients when executing their orders.
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Two new ComStage ETFs launched on Xetra
ETFs offer access to corporate stocks from Italy and Spain
February 25, 2015--Two new equity index ETFs issued by ComStage have been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment since Wednesday.
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Bank regulation takes back seat to kick-starting economy
February 25, 2015--As the banking crisis fades in memory, only to be replaced by a lingering economic slowdown, governments are losing interest in financial reform despite warnings that dangers still lurk.
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Money market funds set for partial reprieve in EU vote-document
February 25, 2015--Europe's trillion euro money market funds industry faces major reform on Thursday when European Union lawmakers vote on new rules aimed at avoiding investor runs in a crisis.
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Broker-Research Payment Plans Face EU Lawmaker Skepticism
February 25, 2015--European Union plans to rein in asset managers who use clients' money to pay for research face resistance from legislators concerned that the proposed rules could harm small business.
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New Deka equity index ETF launched on Xetra
ETF provides access to corporate stocks from ex EMU Europe
February 24, 2015--A new equity index ETF issued by Deka Investment GmbH has been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment since Tuesday.
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1,000th ETF listed on SIX Swiss Exchange
With five new ETFs from UBS, the selection available on SIX Swiss Exchange has risen to 1,000 products. February 24, 2015--The continually growing selection of ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange has now reached a new high point. With five ETFs listed by UBS today, the number of products has risen to 1,000 for the first time.
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Europe's alternative finance market surges
February 23, 2015--The European market for online alternative finance grew by 144 per cent last year to almost £3bn and could hit £7bn this year as companies look to tap new sources of capital, according to a new report.
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New db x-trackers equity index ETF launched on Xetra
ETF offers access to corporate stocks from the GCC region
February 23, 2015--A new db x-trackers issued by Concept Fund Solutions plc from the ETF section of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management has been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment on Xetra since Monday.
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Borsa Italiana-ETFstat January 2015
February 20, 2015--New Listing
ETFplus market welcomed a new issuer: WisdomTree launched on the market 6 ETFs
In January 11 new instruments were listed on ETFplus market
At the end of January there were listed 920 instruments (664 ETFs and 256 ETCs/ETNs)
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Natixis set to buy French group DNCA
February 19, 2015--Natixis is in exclusive talks regarding a bid to add French asset manager DNCA Finance to its suite of global investment management affiliates.
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Banks Seek Easing of 'Draconian' EU Equity Research Plan
February 19, 2015--Investment banks want the European Union to scale back potentially "draconian" draft rules that would rein in asset managers using clients' money to pay for equities research.
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Deutsche Börse to make unscheduled adjustment in MDAX: Bertrandt AG to replace Gagfah S.A. (tendered)
February 19, 2015--Due to its anticipated merger with Deutsche Annington SE, the tendered share class of Gagfah S.A. (ISIN LU1152862774), which is currently listed in MDAX, will be delisted from stock trading as of 24 February 2015 upon request of the company.
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Four new SPDR Smart Beta ETFs launched on Xetra
ETFs use value-weighted based strategy with a focus on Europe and the USA
February 19, 2015--Four new equity index funds from the ETF offering issued by SPDR (State Street Global Advisors) have been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment on Xetra since Thursday.
ETF name: SPDR MSCI Europe Value Weighted UCITS ETF
Asset class: equity index ETF
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SSGA launches four value-weighted smart beta ETFs
February 19, 2015--State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the asset manager behind the SPDR brand of exchange-traded funds, has announced the launch of four smart beta ETFs linked to the MSCI Value Weighted Index family.
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Statistics: Forecasts for the UK economy: February 2015
February 18, 2015--The Statistics: Forecasts for the UK economy: February 2015 are now available.
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ESMA publishes Addendum Consultation Paper to implementing rules for MiFID II/MiFIR
February 18, 2015--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published today a consultation paper (CP) which complements the transparency section of the CP on MiFID II/MiFIR published on 19 December 2014.
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STOXX Ltd. Expands Smart-Beta Offering With STOXX Sharpe Ratio Index Family - STOXX Europe Sharpe Ratio 50 Index Licensed To JP Morgan
February 18, 2015--STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today released a first-of-its-kind index family that selects components based on their Sharpe ratios.
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Q & A on the Green Paper on building a Capital Markets Union
February 18, 2015--General Questions
What does the term 'Capital Markets Union' mean?
The free movement of capital is a long-standing objective of the European Union-a fundamental freedom which should be at the heart of the single market.
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Ossiam launches Shiller Barclays CAPE Sector Value Europe ETF
February 17, 2015--Ossiam, a leading provider of smart beta investment solutions, has teamed up with Barclays to launch the Ossiam Shiller Barclays CAPE Europe Sector Value TR UCITS ETF 1C (EUR).
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SocGen buys stake in trading platform
February 17, 2015--Société Générale has bought a minority stake in a UK start-up trading platform in a move that underlines how banks are exploring hybrid fixed income derivatives to ease their capital requirements.
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Source increases number of managing directors to nine
February 16, 2015--Source is pleased to announce that Kevin Gant, James King and Stephen Crowe have been promoted to the position of Managing Director.
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UBS Global Asset Management lists new ETF on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
February 16, 2015-- UBS Global Asset Management has today listed a new ETF on the LSE. The UBS ETF (LU) MSCI EMU hedged USD UCITS ETF (USD) A-dis offers investors the opportunity to invest in equities from Eurozone countries with US dollar currency hedging.
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New Ossiam Smart Beta ETF launched on Xetra
ETF tracks performance of undervalued European sectors
February 16, 2015--A new equity index fund issued by Ossiam has been tradeable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment on Xetra since Monday.
ETF name: Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape Europe Sector Value TR- UCITS ETF
Asset class: equity index ETF
ISIN: LU1079842321
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Market Vectors Global Junior Gold Miners Index Licensed to ProShares
Index to underlie inverse and leveraged ETFs listed on NYSE Arca
February 13, 2015--Market Vectors Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS) today announced the licensing of the Market Vectors Global Junior Gold Miners Index (MVGDXJ) to ProShares, one of the top ten providers of exchange-traded products (ETPs) in the United Sates.
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Xetra Dax energised by GDP rebound
February 13, 2014--Industrial and financial stocks led a resurgent Xetra Dax on Friday after stronger than expected German growth data energised Frankfurt's main equities index.
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FTSE, Legal & General launch index series to benchmark annuity rates
February 12, 2015--Index provider FTSE and the fund arm of British insurer Legal & General on Thursday launched an index series to benchmark annuity prices.
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New UBS ETF launched on Xetra
ETF offers first-time access to euro zone equities with currency hedging against US dollar
February 12, 2015--A new exchange-listed equity index fund issued by UBS AG has been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment on Xetra since Thursday:
Asset class: equity index ETF
ISIN: LU0937835576
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Euro area securities issues statistics
February 11, 2015--The annual rate of change of the outstanding amount of debt securities issued by euro area residents was -0.5% in December 2014, compared with -0.9% in November.
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Deutsche Börse presents policy paper on a European Capital Markets Union
February 11, 2015--Deutsche Börse presents policy paper on a European Capital Markets Unionrse Group supports efforts to create a Capital Markets Union as proposed by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.
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UK lawmakers, watchdog spar over rate swaps compensation
February 10, 2015--A scheme for compensating companies mis-sold complex products by banks to shield against interest rate hikes is skewed in favour of the lenders, British lawmakers said on Tuesday.
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Boost's short and leveraged ETP platform is the most liquid in Europe for trading oil and natural gas
February 10, 2015--Boost proved to be the S&L platform of choice for trading oil and natural gas
With the price of oil hitting $44/bl, Boost’s S&L oil ETPs traded nearly $500m in notional volume in January, 20% more than any other issuers' S&L ETPs
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European ETFs post another record month
February 9, 2015--European ETF/ETP industry gathers $14.9bn in net new assets in January, smashing the previous record of $10.8bn set in July 2014
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ETFs/ETPs listed in Europe gathered a record level of US$14.9 billion in net new assets in January 2015, according to ETFGI
February 9, 2015--ETFGI's new research finds the ETF/ETP industry in Europe gathered US$14.9 Bn in net new assets which is the largest amount of monthly net inflows gathered in a month, surpassing the prior record of US10.8 Bn in net inflows set in July 2014.
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London Stock Exchange February 2015 ETF & ETP Monthly Report
February 9, 2015--News
London Stock Exchange is introducing two new order types, Cross Orders and Block Trade Facility for ETFs and ETPs. The order types facilitate large size trades with the benefits of orderbook price validation for best execution, automated trade reporting and clearing. For more information please see the Service Announcement
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Amundi launches S&P500 Buyback ETF
First ETF in Europe tracking S&P500 Buyback index will be aimed at smart beta investors
February 9, 2015--Amundi ETF has launched the first ETF in Europe tracking the S&P 500 Buyback Index.
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Northern Trust Monthly Funds Market Review: Explosive growth for smart beta in Europe
February 6, 2015--The latest Monthly Funds Market Review from Northern Trust is now available for download.
This month's highlights include:
Explosive growth for smart beta in Europe
ETF assets will double to US$5tn by 2020, study claims
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Winter Economic Forecast: outlook improved but risks remain
February 5, 2015--For the first time since 2007, the economies of all European Union Member States are expected to grow again this year, according to the European Commission's winter forecast.
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Two new iShares ETFs launched on Xetra
ETFs offer access to euro-zone corporate bonds with a BBB-BB rating and stock corporations with buyback programme "Buyback Achievers"
February 5, 2015--Tnew iShares ETFs from BlackRock's product offering have been tradable in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment on Xetra since Thursday.
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EU states in preliminary deal on regulating market benchmarks-diplomats
February 4, 2015--A wider than anticipated range of market benchmarks will come under the European Union's regulatory net if a deal brokered among member states on Wednesday wins final approval, EU diplomats said.
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ESMA's technical advice on possible delegated acts concerning the Market Abuse Regulation
February 3, 2015--This advice:
specifies the MAR market manipulation indicators, by providing examples of practices that may constitute market manipulation as well as proposing "additional" indicators of market manipulation;
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Pension funds should benefit from a further two year exemption from central clearing requirements
February 3, 2015--The European Commission has today published a report that recommends granting pension funds a two-year exemption from central clearing requirements for their over-the-counter (OTC) derivative transactions.
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Irish ETFs set to exceed $500bn by 2020
Ireland already hosts some $250bn in exchange traded funds; growth will come from international investor demand
February 3, 2015--Irish domiciled exchange-traded funds are set to double to $500 billion by 2020, as new investors seek to integrate them into their portfolios and fund sponsors continue to introduce more products.
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Lyxor introduces Euro-hedged JPX-Nikkei 400 ETF
February 3, 2015--Lyxor, Europe's third largest provider of exchange-traded funds, has announced the launch of the Lyxor UCITS ETF JPX-Nikkei 400 Daily Hedged C-EUR.
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Quality Equities for Europe in 2015
February 3, 2015--WisdomTree, an exchange-traded fund ("ETF") and exchange-traded product ("ETP") sponsor, and pioneer of dividend-weighted smart beta ETFs, today announced its outlook for 2015.
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Fund managers await clarity on cost disclosure rules
February 3, 2015--European rules requiring greater disclosure of portfolio costs could apply to fund managers sooner than expected if regulators decide to clear up inconsistencies in existing sets of proposals.
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SSgA in smart beta ETF push
February 3, 2015--State Street Global Advisors has expanded its range of smart beta exchange traded funds with the registration of four value-weighted ETFs in Ireland.
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Turnover in the region of EUR 9.7 billion recorded by Boerse Stuttgart in January
2015 kicks off with a significant increase in trading activity -All asset classes post strong gains-Record month for equities and ETP trading
February 3, 2015--According to the order book statistics, turnover at Boerse Stuttgart for January 2015 amounted to EUR 9.7 billion.
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Assets held in UK tracker funds rocket by 23.5%
February 2, 2015--While the figures, especially at the higher-cost end, are likely to have been skewed by the advent of the RDR and the banning of commission, the huge inflows into equity funds with an OCF of less than 0.49 per cent showed a clear shift towards passive investing.
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Guggenheim Securities International Commences Operations
February 2, 2015--Guggenheim Securities International Ltd, the international investment banking and capital markets division of Guggenheim Partners, today announced it has commenced operations, providing sales and trading services for European clients.
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Turnover at Deutsche Börse AG's cash markets at 148.5 billion euros in January
February 2, 2015--Order book turnover on Xetra, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Tradegate across all asset classes stood at €148.5 billion in January (January 2014: €124.9 billion).
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Assets held in UK tracker funds rocket by 23.5%
February 2, 2015--February 2, 2015--UK investors are increasingly turning to low-cost investment options, prompting an increase in demand for passive funds, a spate of recent reports has found.
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Oslo Børs launches new bond indices
February 2, 2015--As from today Oslo Børs is calculating 20 new bond indices. With that the bond index portfolio is expanded from five to 25 indices.
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ETF price war continues to rage in Europe
February 1, 2015--ETF providers show no sign of calling a halt to the drawn-out battle over fees, with many continuing to cut prices across popular products in Europe to win over cost-conscious investors and to claw at the market share of larger rivals.
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iShares fights for fund flows
February 1, 2015--BlackRock's iShares has had a firm hold on the top position in Europe's exchange traded fund market for years, boasting ETF assets three to four times larger than its nearest rivals.
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