NYSE Euronext announces new ETF on European markets -continued

February 16, 2012--NYSE Euronext is pleased to announce that LYXOR AM has listed 9 new ETFs on NYSE Euronext's Paris market today.
Trading NameISINSymbolReuters RICBBG TickerUnderlying indexTER
LYXOR CODUFR0011192681CODUCODU.PACODU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Consumer Discretionary0.20
LYXOR COSUFR0011192715COSUCOSU.PACOSU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Consumer Staples0.20
LYXOR NRGUFR0011158161NRGUNRGU.PANRGU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Energy0.20
LYXOR FINUFR0011192723FINUFINU.PAFINU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Financials0.20
LYXOR HLTUFR0011192848HLTUHLTU.PAHLTU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Health Care0.20
LYXOR INDSFR0011192749INDSINDS.PAINDS FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Industrials0.20
LYXOR MATUFR0011192780MATUMATU.PAMATU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Materials0.20
LYXOR TNOUFR0011192806TNOUTNOU.PATNOU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Technology0.20
LYXOR UTLUFR0011192822UTLUUTLU.PAUTLU FPS&P Select Sector Capped 20% Utilities0.20

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Source: NYSE Euronext

Europe ETP News
May 27, 2016--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today published a Consultation Paper (CP) on draft implementing measures regarding the Benchmarks Regulation (BR).
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ESMA issues technical standards on indirect clients
May 26, 2016--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today issued two final draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) on indirect clearing under the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) respectively.
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ECB-Euro area investment fund statistics: first quarter of 2016
May 24, 2016--In the first quarter of 2016 the outstanding amount of shares/units issued by investment funds other than money market funds was € 9,178 billion, which is € 128 billion lower than in the fourth quarter of 2015.
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Research and analysis: HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU
May 23, 2016--This document assesses the immediate economic impact of a vote for the UK to leave the EU.
A vote to leave would cause a profound economic shock creating instability and uncertainty which would be compounded by the complex and interdependent negotiations that would follow.
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Official Statistics: Forecasts for the UK economy: May 2016
May 18, 2016--Forecasts for the UK economy is a monthly comparison of independent forecasts.
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Spring 2016 European Semester package: Commission issues country-specific recommendations
May 18, 2016--Member States are making progress with reforms and addressing macroeconomic imbalances, but more is needed to consolidate Europe's recovery.
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Changes to the Executive Board of Eurex
May 13, 2016--The Board of Directors of Eurex Zürich AG and the Supervisory Board of Eurex Frankfurt AG have appointed Dr. Randolf Roth as a new member of the Eurex Executive Board.
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ESAs clarify their position on technical standards on the credit quality steps for ECAIs' credit assessments
May 12, 2016--The Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA-ESAs) published today its Opinion on the European Commission's (EC) intention to amend the draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on the mapping of External Credit Assessment Institutions' (ECAIs) credit assessments under the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and Solvency II Directive. The Opinion was produced in response to the EC's proposed amendments to these draft ITS.
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Financial Stability Paper 37: Got to be certain: The legal framework for CCP default management processes-Jo Braithwaite and David Murphy
May 11, 2016--Central clearing offers numerous benefits to financial stability including multilateral netting of cleared exposures and the centralisation of default management. These benefits explain the pivotal role of central counterparties ('CCPs') in the post-crisis derivatives market reforms.
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ESMA sees continued high level of market risks in first quarter
May 11, 2016--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published today its Risk Dashboard for the first quarter of 2016.
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ETP providers launch ETF forum in the UK
May 11, 2016--A group of exchange traded product providers has banded together to launch the ETF Forum, an initiative designed to improve advisers' understanding of exchange-traded funds.
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UBS ETF on emerging market bonds with currency hedge launched on Xetra
ETF tracks more than 100 government and quasi-government bonds from over 60 emerging markets
May 10, 2016--A new UBS Global Asset Management bond index ETF has been tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.
ETF name: UBS ETF-Barclays USD Emerging Markets Sovereign UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc
Asset class: bond index ETF
ISIN: LU1324516308
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Currency-hedged Amundi ETF Floating Rate USD Corporate UCITS ETF
May 10, 2016--Amundi ETF adds to its corporate bond offering by launching a new currency-hedged USD/EUR share class to its USD-denominated Floating Rate Notes ETF.
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New UBS commodity index ETF excluding agriculture and livestock sectors launched on Xetra
ETF offers access to performance of a broadly diversified basket of commodity contracts
May 9, 2016--A new UBS Global Asset Management commodity index ETF has been tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Monday.
ETF name: UBS ETFs plc-CMCI ex-Agriculture SF UCITS ETF (USD) A-acc
Asset class: commodity index ETF
Ongoing charges: 0.37 percent
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Winterflood launches 'watershed' fractional shares for ETFs
May 9, 2016--Winterflood Business Services (WBS) will offer trading and custody of ETFs on a fractional share basis from July.
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WisdomTree Launches Enhanced Commodity UCITS ETF on the London Stock Exchange
May 9, 2016--Demonstrating continued leadership in innovative index strategies to commodity ETFs
WisdomTree has launched its first broad-based WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity UCITS ETF (the "Fund") on the London Stock Exchange (WCOA)
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National Statistics: UK official holdings of international reserves: April 2016
May 5, 2016--This monthly release shows details of movements in the UK's official holdings of international reserves, or assets. These consist of gold, foreign currency assets and International Monetary Fund assets.
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SSGA launches 10 ETFs on Euronext
May 4, 2016--State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) has launched 10 World Sector SPDR ETFs on the Euronext Exchange.
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Boerse Stuttgart generates turnover in excess of EUR 6.7 billion in April
May 3, 2016--Trading volume reaches almost the same level as in March//Increase in trading in equities and investment fund units
According to its order book statistics, Boerse Stuttgart generated turnover in excess of EUR 6.7 billion in April 2016.
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Euronext lists 2 Lyxor ETFs
May 3, 2016--Euronext is pleased to announce that LYXOR INTERNATIONAL AM will list 2 new ETFs on 05/05/2016.
ISIN: LU1390062831
ETF Trading name: LYXOR 10Y INFBRKEV
Venue: Euronext Paris
Underlying index:Markit iBoxx USD Breakeven 10-Year Inflation Index Nominal TRI
TER(%): 0,25
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Spring 2016 Economic Forecast: Staying the course amid high risks
May 3, 2016--Economic growth in Europe is expected to remain modest as key trading partners' performance has slowed and some of the so far supportive factors start to wane. As a result, GDP in the euro area is forecast to continue growing at modest rates over the 2015-2017 period.
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Turnover at Deutsche Borse's cash markets at 110.2 billion euros in April
May 2, 2016--MAy 2, 2016--Order book turnover on Xetra, Börse Frankfurt and Tradegate Exchange across all asset classes stood at €110.2 billion in April (April 2015: €137.1 billion).
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ESMA amends MiFID II standards on non-equity transparency and position limits
May 2, 2016--The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued today two Opinions proposing amendments to its draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTSs) under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Regulation (MiFIR).
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