ASIC releases draft disclosure guidance for hedge funds-continued

February 23, 2012--ASIC today released for consultation draft regulatory guidance with new disclosure benchmarks and principles for hedge funds to improve investor awareness of the risks associated with these products.
The guidance, contained in Consultation Paper 174 Hedge funds: Improving disclosure Further consultation (CP 174), sets out the specific features and risks of hedge funds that should be addressed in a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for these products.

ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft said it was necessary to ensure that disclosure gives investors the information they need to make an informed investment decision, which may include a decision not to invest in these products.

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view Consultation Paper 174 Hedge funds: Improving disclosure-Further consultation

Source: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Asia ETP News
Analysts Gloomy on Hong Kong's Exchange After Shenzhen Link
August 23, 2016--Sell rating ratio on HKEx's stock is at highest since 2013
Shares could fall 20% by year-end, says CMB strategist
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CBOE expands Asian reach with Singapore approval
August 17, 2016--Singaporean investors will now be able to trade CBOE's VIX futures, as the exchange expands its Asian presence.
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Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock tie up approved by government
August 17, 2016--China has approved a long-anticipated trading link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen's stock markets and abolished an overall quota limit that investors considered restrictive.
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BetaShares Weekly Newsletter-Reap What You Sow: An analysis of income and price returns of the BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester Fund
August 16, 2016--The BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester Fund (managed fund) (HVST) has proven popular with investors since its inception in October 2014, particularly in light of elevated equity market volatility and the search for yield in today's low interest rate environment.
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IMF Working Paper-China's Growing Influence on Asian Financial Markets
August 12, 2016--Summary: This paper finds that financial spillovers from China to regional markets are on the rise. The main transmission channel appears to be trade linkages, although direct financial linkages are playing an increasing role.
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China's economic activity slows in July as reforms begin to bite
August 12, 2016--China's economic activity slowed in July, with investment growing at its slowest pace since the turn of the century, as the world's second-largest economy grappled with the painful restructuring of its older industrial sectors.
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IMF The People's Republic of China: Selected Issues
August 12, 2016--China is transitioning to a more consumer and service-based economy. This paper reviews progress along various dimensions of rebalancing and presents staff projections for the medium-term rebalancing path.
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China stability falters as factory output, investment slow
August 12, 2016--China's recent economic stabilisation faltered in July as factory output, retail sales and investment all slowed.
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Proactive Reforms Critical to China's Medium-Term Growth Prospects
August 11, 2016--Growth at 6.6 percent in 2016; expected to decline further
Reforms in train, but credit growth unsustainable
A decision needed to stop financing to weak firms
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China has set up special group to launch Shenzhen-HK stock connect: Caixin
August 10, 2016--China's securities regulator recently set up a special work group tasked with launching the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme, Chinese magazine Caixin reported on its website.
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Hang Seng Indexes Licenses KB Asset Management to Use Hang Seng China Enterprises Index as Basis for ETF
August 10, 2016--Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited ("Hang Seng Indexes") has licensed the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index ("HSCEI") to KB Asset Management Company Limited ("KB Asset Management") to serve as the underlying index for the creation of an exchange-traded fund ("ETF").
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BetaShares Weekly Newsletter-Another rate cut more likely than not
August 9, 2016--Although the Reserve Bank of Australia's August Statement on Monetary Policy (SMP) did not contain an explicit easing bias, nor changes to the Bank's growth or inflation forecasts, it's nonetheless still consistent with a strong bias to cutting interest rates further-even after the RBA's decision to slash official rates to 1.5% a few days earlier.
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IMF Working Paper-Spillovers from China's Growth Slowdown and Rebalancing to the ASEAN-5 Economies
August 9, 2016--Summary: After many years of rapid expansion, China's growth is slowing to more sustainable levels and is rebalancing, with consumption becoming the main growth driver. This transition is likely to have negative effects on its trading partners in the near term.
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IMFWorking Paper-What is Responsible for India's Sharp Disinflation?
August 8, 2016--Summary: We analyze the dramatic decline in India's inflation over the last two years using an augmented Phillips Curve approach and quantify the role of different factors.
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India Consumer Confidence Loses Momentum in July
August 8, 2016--Consumers Less Upbeat About the Future
Indian consumer sentiment fell in July in a broad based deterioration which saw lower optimism towards personal finances, the business environment, employment and the real estate market.
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BetaShares launches ETFs to track the global healthcare and global agriculture sectors
August 8, 2016--We are proud to announce the launch of two new funds in the Global Sector Series-BetaShares Global Healthcare ETF -Currency Hedged (ASX: DRUG) and the BetaShares Global Agriculture Companies ETF - Currency Hedged (ASX: FOOD).
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Asia Frontier Capital (AFC)-uly 2016 Newsletter
July 8, 2016--The Brexit surprise in late June caused a period of volatility in worldwide equity markets which was followed by a rebound in July with US markets posting significant gains, while most European markets recovered somewhat but are still trading below pre-Brexit levels.
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China's Small-Time Stock Investors Aren't Buying the Rebound
August 7, 2016--Trader burnt by last year's boom-bust is looking to cash out
Lackluster interest by individuals undermines Shanghai gains
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Hang Seng Indexes Licenses Fubon to Use
August 5, 2016--Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited ("Hang Seng Indexes") today announced it has licensed the HSCEI Short Index and the HSCEI Leveraged Index to Fubon Asset Management Company Limited ("Fubon") to serve as underlying indexes for the creation of two exchange-traded funds ("ETFs").
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China Moves Toward Launching Credit-Default-Swap Market
August 4, 2016--China's interbank-market regulator is likely to seek approval from China's central bank to launch a CDS market soon.
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AMP Capital and BetaShares add Dynamic Markets Fund to suite of ETMFs
August 4, 2016--AMP Capital and BetaShares have launched their third active exchange traded managed fund (ETMF).
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China Said to Plan Index Futures Revival After Volumes Drop
August 3, 2016--Futures exchange considers raising cap on new contracts
Government has sought to balance control with free markets
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BetaShares launches ETFs to track the global mining and global banking sectors
August 3, 2016--BetaShares, a leading Australian ETF manager, today announced the launch of the BetaShares Global Gold Miners ETF-Currency Hedged (ASX: MNRS) and the BetaShares Global Banks ETF-Currency Hedged (ASX: BNKS).
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BetaShares-Global Market Outlook August 2016: The Post-Brexit TINA Trade
August 2, 2016--Optimism related to post-Brexit central bank stimulus continued to buoy global equities in July, even though oil prices slumped and initial central bank actions proved disappointing.
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BetaShares adds to Global Sector Series with Gold Miners and Banks ETFs
August 2, 2016--We are pleased to announce the launch of two new funds in our Global Sector series-BetaShares Global Gold Miners ETF-Currency Hedged (MNRS) and BetaShares Global Banks ETF-Currency Hedged (BNKS)
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Central bank takes steps to regulate liquidity in July
August 1, 2016--The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, announced on Monday that it launched a series of targeted measures in July to regulate liquidity.
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Foreigners Boost China Bond Holdings by Most in Two Years
August 1, 2016--Increase comes amid efforts to boost access to local markets
More inflows seen as investors start trading, StanChart says
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IMF-Japan : Selected Issues
August 1, 2016--EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Staff's analytical work since around the launch of Abenomics has focused on how to reflate the economy and achieve fiscal sustainability.
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IMF Executive Board Concludes 2016 Article IV Consultation with Singapore
July 29, 2016-Singapore's economy continues to perform well despite being impacted by a combination of cyclical and structural factors, originating both at home and abroad.
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BOJ Opts for Limited Stimulus Expansion, Plans Policy Review
July 28, 2016--Board expands ETFs; no change to bond purchases, negative rate
Kuroda calls for comprehensive assessment of the BOJ's policy
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Taiwan Stock Exchange unveils two smart beta equity indices
July 28, 2016--Taiwan Index Plus (TIP), a subsidiary of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, has rolled out two new smart beta indices focusing on locally-listed dividend-paying equities.
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These 3 Animated Charts Capture the Economic Rise of Asia
July 28, 2016--The economic rise of Asia has been swift, but it has also been a little reckless at times.
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BetaShares Weekly Newsletter-$A could be heading for new test of US70c
July 27, 2016--The Australian dollar have proven stubbornly resilient in recent months, raising doubts about my year-end call that it would fall to US65c.
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HK and Singapore exchange battle escalates
July 28, 2016--Regional rivals look to derivatives in contest for supremacy
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TOCOM's Physical Market for Gold Launched Today
July 25, 2016--The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (TOCOM) announced today that the launch of a new physical market for gold, "Gold Physical Transaction".
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