New Push For Bond ETFs in Down Under-continued

January 29, 2012--Australian retail investors seeking fixed income products have traditionally had a limited range of choices, but a recent regulatory change to allow fixed income exchange traded funds on to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) could be a significant boost to the asset class, the FT reports.
New rules to allow the listing of fixed income ETFs on the ASX were approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) just before Christmas and came into effect in January.

The move is a welcome change for ETF providers such as BlackRock and Vanguard, which offer a range of fixed income products globally but have been prevented from listing them in Australia. “We think we’ll see strong demand from the retail segment – which includes self-managed superannuation funds – and also from institutions,” says Mark Oliver, Australian head of iShares, BlackRock’s ETF operation. “Institutions can access broad fixed interest markets quite easily,” he says, “but with the ETFs, they can gain access to a diversified portfolio in a single trade. Also [ETFs] offer excellent liquidity, which often the underlying bonds cannot. “During the credit crisis of 2008, for example, the US bond ETFs traded through the volatility, while it was difficult for people at the same time to price the underlying bond.”

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Source: ETF Radar Magazine

Asia ETP News
ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Japan reach record high of US$295 billion at the end of January 2018
February 23, 2018--According to ETFGI's January 2018 Japan ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Japan reached a record high of US$295 billion at the end of January 2018, shattering the previous record of US$276 billion set at the end of 2017. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)
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IMF-A Digital-Savvy Indonesia
February 22, 2018--With the third largest youth population in the world and 130 million active social media users, Indonesia is poised to become the biggest digital economy country in Southeast Asia. To fully embrace the digital opportunity, Indonesia must enhance its infrastructure and increase internet penetration to lift economic growth and productivity.
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About 70 HFT traders to be registered in Japan-JPX
February 22, 2018--About 70 firms are expected to be registered as high frequency traders (HFTs) in Japan, the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) said on Wednesday, ahead of the start of new regulations in April that require HFTs to register with the government.
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ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) reach record high of US$184 billion at the end of January 2018
February 22, 2018--According to ETFGI's January 2018 Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) reached a record high of US$184 billion at the end of January 2018, shattering the previous record of US$170 billion set at the end of 2017. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)
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BetaShares and Legg Mason launch two Active ETFs (ASX: EINC and ASX: RINC)
February 20, 2018--BetaShares is please to announce the launch of two new Active ETFs on the ASX, under a strategic partnership with global asset manager Legg Mason.
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IMF Staff Country Reports-Australia: Selected Issues
China and Australia have increasingly strong linkages, especially through trade and commodity channels. These are driven by China's demand for commodities such as coal and iron ore, and services such as tourism and education, of which Australia is a major supplier.
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$500 Million Deal-Mirae Asset Takes Over US-based Fund Management Company Global X
February 19, 2018--Mirae Asset Global Investments announced on February 19 that the company signed an agreement for the acquisition of Global X, an exchange traded funds (EFT) company in New York of the US. It took US$488 million in total to take over a 100-percent stake in Global X.
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World's largest pension scheme turns up heat on fund manager pay
February 17, 2018--Fund managers' bumper bonuses are being scrutinised by the world's largest pension fund over fears investment professionals are being incentivised to generate short-term performance rather than long-term returns. .
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MSCI asks India's stock exchanges to reconsider anti-competitive measures
February 15, 2018--Global index provider MSCI Inc on Thursday "strongly suggested" that India's three main stock exchanges reconsider their anti-competitive measures that restrict the accessibility of the Indian equity market to foreign exchanges.
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World Gold Council-Market Update: India's Budget-policy and progress
February 15, 2018--As part of the recent Union Budget announcement, Arun Jaitley, India's Finance Minister, explicitly highlighted the government's desire to formulate a comprehensive policy to develop gold as an asset class, create gold exchanges, and revamp the Gold Monetisation Scheme.
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India hopes to become an AI powerhouse, with inspiration from China
February 15, 2018--Artificial intelligence (AI) has finally caught the Indian government's attention.
On Feb. 01, delivering his budget speech, finance minister Arun Jaitley told parliament that the government think-tank, Niti Aayog, will spearhead a national programme on AI, including research and development.
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JPX-ETF Monthly Report-January 2018
January 14, 2018--The JPX-ETF Monthly Report-January 2018 is now available.
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BetaShares Australian ETF Review-January 2018
February 14, 2018--NEW YEAR, NEW RECORD!
In what is typically a very quiet month for Australian markets, the ETF industry still managed to eke out a new record in terms of assets under management in the first month of 2018. Total industry FuM at the month end was $36.6B, a growth rate of 1.6% or monthly growth of ~$600m, with net new money accounting for ~75% of the growth, or $432m.
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BetaShares and Legg Mason form Active ETF strategic partnership
February 13, 2018--BetaShares and global asset manager Legg Mason have entered a strategic partnership to launch a range of high quality Active ETFs to broaden the investment options on offer to Australian investors.
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IMF Staff Country Reports-Republic of Korea: Selected Issues
Inflation targeting from 1998 led to low and stable inflation, but since the global financial crisis Korea had faced more challenging conditions. As inflation expectations fell below the inflation target in 2012, the target was reduced by a percentage point to 2 percent in 2016.
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Why Hong Kong investors are turning to the US to trade bitcoin futures
February 12, 2018--A growing number of Hong Kong investors are turning to the US market for trading bitcoin futures because they see it as safer than trading on Hong Kong's unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges, according to brokers.
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WisdomTree Announces Relationship with Premia Partners in Asia
February 8, 2018--Newly Established Agreement with Hong Kong-Based Firm Bolsters ETF Presence Among Institutional Investors
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FTSE Russell launches global equities net of tax index series for Australian superannuation funds
February 8, 2018--FTSE All-World ex Australia Net Tax (Super) Index Series is a new global equities index series specifically for Australian superannuation funds
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Renminbi heads for worst day in over 13 months
February 8, 2018--- The renminbi weakened markedly on Thursday, pulling back from a two-year intraday high in the previous session and on track for its worst day in more than a year as the dollar strengthened.
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Global Market Outlook: battling the bond blues
February 7, 2018--Stocks: off to a strong start
Global equities posted further gains in January, with the MSCI All-Country Index returning 4.1% in local currency terms. By contrast, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 Index delivered a negative 0.4% return, and continued the general trend of underperformance that has been evident over the past year.
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Central banks should consider using digital currencies: China think tank
February 7, 2018--Central banks should consider using digital currencies in cross-border payments that could cut transaction time and costs, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), a top government think tank, said in a report.
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IMF Staff Country Reports-Indonesia: Selected Issues
With a young and growing labor force, Indonesia is set to enjoy favorable demographic trends for many years to come. This provides a window of opportunity to raise growth and support the country in addressing its development challenges. However, reaping the demographic dividend before aging starts to kick in, in less than 15 years, requires policies to raise productivity and create sufficient quality jobs to absorb the growing working-age population.1
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SGX and Bursa Malaysia to set up stock market trading link
February 6, 2018--Singapore Exchange (SGX) is pleased to collaborate with Bursa Malaysia (BM) on jointly developing our capital markets through a stock market trading link.
We welcome and support the announcement made by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) this morning on the establishment of a BM-SGX trading link.
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China to stamp out cryptocurrency trading completely with ban on foreign platforms
February 5, 2018--Offshore platforms targeted after recent efforts to shut down domestic exchanges failed to eradicate trading
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Government may come up with more ETFs, including debt ETFs, soon
February 2, 2018--Mutual fund investors can expect more Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) along the lines of Bharat 22 ETF, in the coming year. "The Government introduced Exchange Traded Fund Bharat-22 to raise Rs 14,500 crore, which was oversubscribed in all segments. DIPAM will come up with more ETF offers, including debt ETF," the finance minister said in his budget speech.
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WisdomTree Announces Two Additional ETFs Have Filed Notification with the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA)
February 1, 2018--WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (NASDAQ:WETF), an exchange-traded fund ("ETF") and exchange-traded product ("ETP") sponsor and asset manager, today announced that two additional ETFs have recently filed notification with the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA).
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Reflections on forty years of China's reforms
February 1, 2018--Forty years ago in December, Deng Xiaoping delivered his historic speech "Emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts and unite as one to face the future." This triggered four decades of reforms that have transformed China into the world's second largest economy.
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Why is the $US so weak?
January 31, 2018--One of the surprise global market developments over the past year has undoubtedly been weakness in the $US. Why? This note suggests that, rather than simply blaming a dovish Fed or an erratic US President, the main driver of $US weakness has been the broadening (or "synchronisation") of global growth over the past year, which has encouraged investors to increase exposure to (at least up until recently) under performing non-US markets.
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BetaShares Australian ETF Review-2017 in Review
January 31, 2018--One word: BIG!
We'll begin our posts in 2018 with a look at the year 2017 in ETF-land. And what a year it was!
The Global ETF industry recorded significant growth in 2017, receiving its highest ever level of net inflows (US$633B)-a growth rate of 18% year on year. In total the global industry ended the year at US$4.8T1.
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Full text: China's Arctic Policy
January 26, 2018--The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China published a white paper titled "China's Arctic Policy" on Friday.
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China reveals 'Polar Silk Road' ambition in Arctic policy white paper
January 26, 2018--Beijing will encourage companies to build infrastructure and conduct commercial trial voyages that will 'bring opportunities' to the region.
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Renminbi reaches more than 2-year high as dollar declines
January 25, 2018--The renminbi rallied on Thursday, hitting its strongest level against the dollar in almost 27 months as the greenback fell further.
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