Stronger rand restrains JSE-continued

February 3, 2012-- The JSE was slightly down on Friday off session lows but remained in the red on the back of the strong rand.
A local trader said that European markets had become firmer after key US jobs data was released. The local bourse also benefited from the data but was held back by the strength of the rand.

At 17:00, the JSE All Share [JSE:J203] index ended in flat territory (0.05%). An intraday record was set for industrials (36 185.40) and banks (45 408.08).

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Source: FIN24

Nigeria: IMF Cuts Nigeria's GDP Growth Forecast to Four Percent
October 8, 2015--The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast a four per cent growth rate for Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015, as the country continues to contend with the challenge of declining income from the drop in crude oil prices.
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New Report Helps Investors Who Want to Achieve Financial Returns and Social Impact Find the Right Opportunities
October 7, 2015--Today, Omidyar Network released a report laying out how frontier capital, or early stage risk capital in emerging markets, can be an effective tool for investors to achieve financial returns and social impact.
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South Africa: IMF Predicts Growth Below 1.5 Percent for SA
October 7, 2015--South Africa's growth is projected to be below 1.5% both this year and next year, according to a report by die International Monetary Fund (IMF).
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Africa: The Constraints on African Stock Exchanges
October 6, 2015-Ironically, Africa's chronic economic underdevelopment may now be its greatest opportunity.
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Africa Faces the Challenge of Sustaining Growth amid Weak Global Conditions
October 5, 2015--Sub-Saharan Africa countries are continuing to grow, albeit at a slower pace, due to a more challenging economic environment. Growth will slow in 2015 to 3.7 percent from 4.6 percent in 2014, reaching the lowest growth rate since 2009, according to new World Bank projections.
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Nigeria: JP Morgan--a Wake-Up Call
September 28, 2015--As the frenzy over the decision by JP Morgan to phase out Nigeria from its Government Bond Index for Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) effective from October 30, 2015 begins to die down we draw attention to the need to adopt measures that would extricate Nigeria's economy from whims of foreign investors.
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Nigeria: High Rates Depress Investments in Govt Bonds
September 18, 2015--The pressures on Nigerian money market resonated in the bonds market yesterday as the Debt Management Office,
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Nigeria: The Cost of Dropping Off JP Morgan's Index
September 14, 2015--In the end, it would seem that the markets were not as sanguine (as was the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN) about the implications for the economy of JPMorgan's decision, announced last week, to phase Nigerian bonds out of its emerging markets government bond (GBI-EM) index series over two month-end rebalancing periods.
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Morocco drafts new rules to attract stock market investors
September 11, 2015--Morocco's government is considering allowing foreign companies to list on the Casablanca stock exchange and creating a second market dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.
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